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How to Custom-build a McGregor-style Garden Fence: Introduction


Click on each of the required products listed here and follow our directions to tentatively place what you need in your shopping cart. Then take a look at the optional products and information list and click on anything you want. If you like what is in your shopping cart, follow the cart's instructions to complete your purchase.

Required Products: charger, posts, insulators, fence wire, ground rod, fence tester, weed barrier, fence rolls, installation instructions.

Other Products and Information: hookup wire, gate information, squirrel barrier, quote and parts list, complete your purchase.

Completing Your Purchase: Once you have gone through the list of products, click on any product's "View Cart" button to see your shopping cart. If you like what ends up in your cart and its price, you may complete your purchase by following the cart's instructions.

Alternatively, Get a Quote: click here to provide us with a few bits of information about your planned fence and have us give you with a free quote and parts list that you can then use to make a purchase -- either by ordering from this website or by calling us at 508-888-8305.


We have lots of internet stores offering both barrier and electric fences dedicated to controlling all sorts of animals. If you are protecting a garden against anything unusual, from deer to snakes, the best place to go is our garden fence ideas site. For longer or more specialized fences dealing with specific animals, visit our sites for deer (electric fences), deer (barrier fences), bears (camper and beekeeper fences), horses (electric pasture fences), dogs (enclosures), and cats (enclosures). Or else, if you simply want to explore a wide array of electric fence supplies with rock-bottom prices and volume discounts, visit our discount electric fence store.

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