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We weren't sure it was working until the first snow killed the battery and a couple mornings later we woke to find our last brussels sprouts stalk dragged off into the yard! Obviously it had been operating effectively all season! Thanks for a delicious summer & fall!

Angela Pelletier - VA

Works great, ground hogs are now my neighbor's problem.

Charles Janvier - DE

Got your products in three days. Took 3 hours to install. Had wife "test" installation....Works Great!!

Dave K - WI

2nd year for my fence. Got my first ripe tomato June 21 on an Early Girl plant. My property is surrounded by black walnut trees and there are squirrels by the hundreds. Once I got the fence up I quit losing my best fruits to the little beggars and now I'm one of your best advertisements. Thanks for a great product that really works

Dave Roy -

I just wanted to tell you that I have been using the Battery Powered electric fence kit now for two years and have had excellent results. I used to lose all my peaches, plums and corn to raccoons and squirrels, now they cannot get into my garden and orchard. It works like a charm.

David Stearns - CO

Just wanted to let you know that I have my fence up and working and so far so good. The groundhogs have not been able to do any damage: I will finally get to have a garden after all these years. Also, thanks for your help when I called. Thanks Again.

Donna Bendycki - OH

I was drawn to Mr. McGregor's Fence by its website, an excellent source for do-it-yourselfers. We have a vegetable garden which was attacked by raccoons every year as the sweet corn ripened. I quickly formulated an electric fence design and sent (it together with) pictures of the garden. Someone responded immediately and found a number of improvements to the design. The cost of parts was reasonable, installation was easy, and the raccoons never succeeded entering the garden this season. I recommend Mr. McGregor's Fence highly.

George Leeman - CT

I just wanted to let you know about our wonderful experience with Mr. McGregor's Fence. We live in rural Missouri and had just about given up on growing fresh produce. We had tried everything including building a complete cover for a 600sq ft garden out of PVC pipe and netting which didn't work at all. Last year was a total disaster - the rabbits, squirrels and deer ate the entire garden down to the roots! This year we installed your fence, and not only was it quick and easy, it completely solved our problem. We now have a kitchen full of produce and are busy thinking of new and different ways to preserve the tomatoes, squash and peppers. I can't believe that the complete solution was so easy and inexpensive. I'm attaching a photo of our latest harvest. Thanks again!

Jane Williams - MS

I've successfully used your garden fence for almost 10 years now and know it's 100% effective against woodchucks, rabbits and other small hungry critters. In 2010 we installed the new version for deer control around our 4,000 sq ft vegetable garden. Not one time did any of the common critters get into the garden and we had NO damage. Proof of its effectiveness came when I turned off the solar charger at the end of the growing season and soon found the garden filled with deer tracks where they cleaned out remaining late season beets and carrots. Next year I will leave the charger on until I've finished harvesting! Thank you again for this terrific product.

Jim C - Holly VT

Thank you, this really works great

Jocelyne Cross - WI

I like it. It's much more effective than using predator urine repeatedly over the growing season

John Peyman - MD

I am extending my fence for next year---Mr. Mcgregor saved my garden from woodchucks---once I got the fence in I never had another visit from them. Thanks again.

Nick Calandrello - MA

I had my doubts when I purchased the system. I was overwhelmed with woodchucks. It has now been two years and not one varmint has entered my garden. Instead, they eat outside the garden which is fine with me. Gardening is once again enjoyable.

Richard Papalia - MA

The fence has completely taken care of my groundhog problem. They come up to the fence and try multiple times to get in, but always end up getting a shock and running away

Stephanie Boys - OH

It's awesome. Chuckie and I now co-exist in peace and harmony.

Wendy Christensen - NH


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