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Get a Free McGregor Garden Fence Quote and Parts List

We’ll be glad to produce a quote (good for 30 days) and complete parts list for your McGregor Fence. We'll email the quote and parts list to you. You can then get the parts easily by calling us at 508-888-8305 or buying them online.

All we need to get started is a bit of contact information and some basic facts about your fence. Please use the form below to provide this information, using the Special Conditions box to describe any unusual features not covered elsewhere.

If we have any questions we will phone you at the number below or send an email. If you do not receive your quote within two business days, please let us know.

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0-50 feet
51-164 feet
0ver 164 feet (state distance in Special Conditions box below)

Low-key (0.04-0.1 joules)
Modest (0.25-0.5 joules)
Strong (1-2 joules)

0-50 feet
51-100 feet
101-150 feet
151-200 feet
over 200 feet (state length in Special Conditions box below

McGregor Fence (barrier plus electric - 100% effective)
Just an electric fence (cheaper - less reliable)

Metal wire (less expensive)
Polywire (can be taken down in off-season)

I want a squirrel barrier


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