A privacy Fence – Privacy Can Be So Beautiful!

The term privacy fences, in contrast to the front yard fence, refers to those fence elements which, due to their height of mostly 1.80 m, are suitable for wind protection and against view. At Suncast® you can buy privacy screens made from a wide variety of materials. However, one should not see the term “privacy fence” too strictly, one can dose the degree of opacity as desired – according to taste. So for unnatural there is the classic sealing fence with massive, completely opaque processed fence elements made of wood, privacy mats made of WPC, bamboo or plastic, but also the airy wicker fence made of real hazelnut solid wood rods. 

Particularly clever in this regard: privacy fence lime blind fences with adjustable slats! To ensure that a wooden privacy screen fits perfectly into your garden, we offer you a huge range of different fence privacy screens designs and styles. From rustic country house style to chic town houses – you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for! And whether you are looking for a cheap, functional wooden fence solution or the finest premium quality: Suncast® is the right choice for you! With over 60 years of experience with wood products, you can rely on us for proven quality that lasts long and looks great.

Privacy fences: quality that convinces – variety that inspires

No question: First of all, a privacy fence should look good and fit perfectly with your house and garden. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our garden privacy fences, from classic privacy fence forms to sophisticated and playful. But of course you also want to have something of your privacy fence for a long time! 

Since privacy fences are exposed to the weather all year round and should not fear a storm, quality is required. As professionals for garden wood, we offer you privacy fences made of durable wood and, if necessary, impregnated or with sophisticated fashion colors and glazes. Fences made of the trendy WPC or insensitive window plastic (with us with a solid aluminum insert!) Don’t have to fear weather anyway.

Buy your new privacy fence right here in the online shop! Simply select the desired privacy fence, select a specialist dealer in your area and order! And if you need help with the assembly: Our specialist dealers can offer you the mediation of craftsmen or an in-house assembly service.

Please note: All dimensions given are nominal dimensions! The real dimensions may vary slightly!

A privacy fence – as individual as your home!

We are always amazed at the diversity and originality of our customers when designing the home and garden. That is why it is our passion to offer the right garden or privacy fence for every style! With us you choose from different materials, widths and heights, you have the choice of different colors (or of course natural), and then you can often mix different privacy screen elements creatively. Great privacy screens, lasting quality, huge selection and attractive prices: these are privacy screens from Suncast ® !

  • Privacy screens in various materials: softwood, WPC privacy mats, plastic, textile braiding, solid wood rods and willow.
  • Style fence: variety of blinds, solid sealing walls / panel fences, chain fences, louvre fences, rhombus fences …
  • Garden privacy screen including the appropriate climbing elements
  • Privacy fences in modern colors and glazes such as B. Light gray, quartz, vintage and prestige
  • Wood privacy screen made from various, sustainably grown woods from larch, pine and spruce to Asian cedar from plantation management and FSC eucalyptus
  • Faster privacy protection fence assembly with the Suncast® Fix fastening system for fence posts
  • The perfect addition: our strong accessories for assembly, wood protection and maintenance, posts

Find the right wood privacy fence style for your garden – The garden privacy screen as a decorative base

Each garden creates its own atmosphere: furniture, plants, privacy mats, trellises and fences are the heart of the garden and determine its individual effect on viewers, neighbors and visitors. A wooden fence not only allows some privacy in the garden, but also determines the style of your garden. But which garden privacy screen model fits which furnishing style? We have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages of the various privacy screens in our range in a small overview. 

Privacy protection inspirations from all over the world

When choosing our online range for privacy fences, we pay attention to the highest quality and fair prices. We are inspired by garden architectures around the world: move your garden with decorative privacy elements in Jamaican or Dubai style or choose simple fence elements that bring your plants to their best advantage. What is beautiful can also be practical. These privacy fences prove it! From mild air to a stiff breeze – the hectic pause behind the Suncast® fence elements. Shielded from everything, it is wonderful to live and relax outside. The shapely panels combine the elaborate solid wood processing with decorative and functional accents. Stable, strong and stable, these elements are true specialists for the indispensable view and wind protection in summer green. The combi strong fences are available in various versions.

Privacy screen – in harmony with nature 

Privacy fences with natural wood stacks are particularly popular in Scandinavia. In order for the privacy screen to survive heat and frost in the garden, special garden wood is necessary. For the natural garden fences in our online shop, we choose weather-resistant materials that repel moisture even without artificial coatings. The bright and translucent privacy fence model  Hammersund  is therefore made of solid hazelnut wood, which due to its high density hardly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Natural privacy fences with large fence areas made of tightly woven willow branches, such as the high-contrast willow fence Halmstad, offer a little more privacy and stability  . 

Privacy fence – More privacy in the big city 

The more urban the area, the more important the opaque privacy screen as a partition in the garden: The most uncomplicated type of garden fencing is a privacy screen made of plastic or aluminum. The material is particularly durable and is easy to maintain. Even in strong sunlight, the colors hardly fade and your garden remains protected from unwanted glimpses. The WPC Kansas City screed fence  combines the advantages of wood and plastic: there is no laborious wood maintenance, but the privacy fence  still takes on color and offers space for climbing plants. The  Wood Polymer Composite formula is also used for the high-quality Kingston privacy screen   . Anyone who attaches particular importance to durability and effortless care when protecting privacy in the garden can  Set up Uno Fix fence in a few simple steps – the UV-resistant window plastic shines like new even after long winters. 

Which direction can it go? 

The most popular privacy fences in German gardens are picket and picket fences. Whether lengthways or crossways, this is often just a matter of taste. If tendrils are to be attached to the fence, we recommend cross-lattice fences with permanently installed laths. On terraces and balconies, the Mediterranean-style louvre fences in inviting colors are suitable as privacy screens. With the massive privacy  fence lime only give others as much insight as you want. The adjustable slat elements are available in two fence variations: natural larch wood creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, while the darker version made of coated spruce wood more closely matches the urban lifestyle. If the privacy fence is to protect the garden from unwanted visitors, longitudinal fence stakes are helpful – they are difficult to climb over and do not offer any space for planting.

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