Backyard Bamboo Borders

Backyard X-Scapes Bamboo Borders .875in D x 8in H x 23in L (12Pieces)

Bamboo borders are a great option to improve any landscaping project. Boundaries are flexible and easily formable to fit walkways, gardens, or other custom designs. Each pole has been carefully sealed and connected with heavy, galvanized wires for lasting durability and longevity. Our bamboo borders are available in different colors and sizes for every single project you have in mind.

This natural bamboo border is made of high quality Tonkin Bamboo and measures 8 feet in length, 1 foot in height and 1 inch in diameter. Use borders, together or individually, to create an elegant tropical setting in your own back yard. Our limits come pre-assembled in an asymmetrical design that can be used for indoor and outdoor settings.

All of our bamboo borders are connected with sturdy galvanized steel wire that allows flexibility. Borders can be designed to fit ponds, gardens, and walkways. Every pole within our borders also has to be limited at the knots to prevent water damage and decay. Improve landscaping features or beds with our elaborately designed bamboo borders.

Extend the life of the bamboo borders by applying Cabot ‘ Australian Wood Oil Honey Teak. This waterproof seal helps protect the bamboo from fading color and survive damage.

Bamboo is actually a grass that can reach over 10 meters in height. Today over 1060 types of bamboo are known. The material is very light and frost-resistant – that’s why a bamboo garden fence does not need any additional treatment and is a very easy-care alternative to a wooden or metal fence. The construction made of stainless steel and bamboo tubes is considered to be particularly stable. A large variety of bamboo with straws in different sizes and with different diamonds is available on the market – so everyone can choose the right one. The bamboo fence can be made according to customer dimensions, or bought in prefabricated elements. The individual parts are then assembled on site.

If you have already decided to use a bamboo fence as a privacy screen in the garden , there are a few things you should consider. Bamboo is considered an inflammable material. For this reason, experts do not recommend placing open fireplaces or fire rings in the immediate vicinity of the fence – the risk of flying sparks is too great. Bamboo is considered hardwood, so sawing is tedious. The individual bamboo tubes can then be connected to each other without drilling – for example, a connection with iron wire is very practical.

Massive bamboo walls in-house production.  
Produced as single or contiguous elements with flexible widths and heights, also possible with gradations.

From the creation of the offer to the completion of the project , you get everything from one source and at the best prices. From the individual element to the property fencing.

Bamboo garden fences are suitable as privacy screens for patios, balconies and gardens. With the bamboo-specific, hard & resistant properties, we offer you a long-term and very natural solution for an exotic garden design. 

In our specialist workshop  , the bamboo fences are made according to your specifications, we only use 1A quality bamboo poles from Indonesia, which we import ourselves and are among the most robust varieties in the world.

  • Premium natural Bamboo wooden lawn edging borders designed to enhance garden beds, flower beds, backyard landscape, lawn boarders and walk ways
  • Sustainable and no dig Bamboo garden accent border
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself garden edging, bendable Bamboo panels connect seamless one to another so you can build a garden bed accent of any length
  • Sustainability: Bamboo matures in 3-4 years unlike hardwoods which can take 15-20 years to mature
  • Ease of installation and fitting: flexible. Stake into soil or fasten to solid surfaces, stakes or fasteners not included
  • Characteristics: natural tonkin bamboo, varied earth tone hues. Sustainable alternative to other wood products
  • Natural Rolled Tonkin bamboo borders . 7/8″d x 8’t x 23’w. Commercial quality for indoor or outdoor use
  • Usage: suited for garden applications, tradeshow displays, tiki Bars, Point of purchase sales displays, tropical themed oriented Designs
  • Sold in packs of 12 Bamboo garden lawn edging decorative border, each panel measures 8 in. High x 23 in Length x 7/8 in. Diameter
  • DECORATIVE: The attractive view and wind protection for terraces etc. can also be used as a room divider or decorative wall indoors.
  • SOLID: The diameter of the natural and solid bamboo sticks is between 25 to max. 35mm depending on the harvest.
  • ROBUST: The 3mm galvanized steel wire with which the individual bamboo tubes are pierced ensures a stable construction.
  • The renewable raw material of the privacy protection mat is slowly dried according to the Indonesian model, which prevents the material from tearing.
  • By dispensing with chlorine for cleaning the rolling fence, the hard-wearing surface melt of the bamboo is retained.

Our borders come pre-assembled in an asymmetrical height structure made from the highest-quality Tonkin bamboo available. The poles in our bamboo borders have all been capped and connected with sturdy galvanized steel wire.

The borders are flexible and can easily be shaped to fit landscaping features of all kinds. Use borders around walkways, garden paths, trees, and even potted plants. Give your backyard or interior living space a tropical vibe with our natural-finish bamboo border.

Completely Natural

Bamboo is a natural material. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in appearance. Color variations occasionally occur in bamboo, however, this is a natural characteristic and not a product defect.

Easy to Sustain

Each border is constructed from the highest quality Tonkin bamboo poles for a beautiful finished look. Before shipment, we carefully inspect each fencing panel for quality control and then bag each fence securely.

Ecologically Friendly

Bamboo is subject to cracking and splitting just like any other wood product. Bamboo can develop cracks in transit due to changes in weather and climate. This does not affect the integrity of the bamboo.

Why Backyard X-Scapes?

  • Staggered Design
  • Made From Natural Tonkin Bamboo
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Capped at the Top Node

Product description

Boost your imagination and create a fresh and unique look to your garden or backyard with sustainable and Backyard X-Scapes Bamboo wood garden edging panel. Perfect decorative accent edging for flower beds, garden beds, walk ways, landscape decor and a variety of other outdoor landscaping uses. Easy do-it-yourself installation no dig, with stakes at the bottom of the bamboo lawn edging border. Bendable and flexible Bamboo panels connect seamless one to another so you can build a garden bed of any length bringing your lawn edging ideas to life. You can also use these garden edging border for your indoor garden, to decorate a balcony or a potted plant. Connected with hidden heavy-gauge galvanized steel-coated wire, they are sturdy, and made to last. These wires make it possible for the bamboo borders to be flexible to align to varying paths and fit your backyard decoration idea. Each bamboo border has a set of 3 extended bamboo support stakes, cut at an angle to assist in installation. Their construction also allows for easy modification, in case you need to shorten or connect the borders together.

The stable bamboo mat is used wherever high-quality, flexibly mouldable and yet solid privacy protection is required. Universal uses in the home and garden, natural appearance, durability and last but not least, their low price also convince. In contrast to privacy mats made of PVC or aluminum, bamboo mats are sustainable and do not pollute the environment either during production or later disposal. The sturdy bamboo mat is a pure natural product and convinces us across the board and you will too.

Bamboo mats consist of thicker bamboo tubes (approx. Ø 18-20 mm, approx. 20-35 mm or approx. 43-47 mm). Unlike light bamboo mats, these bamboo tubes are not woven with wire, but, like pearls on a string of pearls, are individually drawn on galvanized iron wire. This ensures a solid hold with maximum flexibility. You can place the bamboo mat tightly around a corner or elegantly curve it. Solid posts in the right places or the bars of a railing ensure a safe stand and hold. 


Bamboo is a sustainably growing natural product. Bamboo is harder than hardwood and can withstand wind and weather for years. Especially with good care. Bamboo does develop patina over time and also changes its original color, but that is not a mistake, and certainly not a reason for complaint, but a positive characteristic and proof of its naturalness. Remove annoying patina from time to time with the high-pressure cleaner and then coat the bamboo fence with our care oil for bamboo. Then it looks like new again.

Bamboo mats offer privacy protection by the meter for house and garden. They cover unsightly corners and walls inside and outside and at the same time protect against prying eyes on the balcony, in the garden and on the terrace. Bamboo mats do not have to be completely opaque for their task. There are naturally narrow gaps here and there between the individual bamboo tubes because the bamboo poles taper from the bottom to the top. This is also normal for a natural product and is nothing to worry about. The guide wire still holds all the bamboo poles together.

The bamboo fence is both privacy and wind protection. It also absorbs the sun’s heat and ensures that you can use your terrace for longer in spring and autumn. On the other hand, gusts of wind find enough channels in the narrow gaps between the bamboo sticks not to disassemble the bamboo fence. Another plus that avoids a lot of trouble.

Bamboo mats are very decorative and can be used in a variety of ways – even indoors. They quickly and easily lend exotic and natural flair to private and commercial spaces. Perfect for Asian restaurants, beauty salons, wellness oases, swimming pools or even for street and beach cafes. There are no limits to your imagination. Combine the bamboo mat, whether inside or outside, with real bamboo and other exotic plants such as flower cane, palm trees or a magnificent bird of paradise flower (strelitzia). A photo wallpaper with exotic flowers, leaves or a similar natural motif and other decorative accessories complement the relaxing atmosphere.

The bamboo mat does not stand by itself, but needs at least two firmly anchored posts / fence posts or a balcony railing. It is important to keep a distance of 10 cm from the bottom so that the bamboo poles do not draw moisture. If you want to mount a bamboo mat along a wall, you need a simple substructure made of roof battens, such as a wall made of profiled wood or wooden panels.

Customer reviews

  • I ordered 5 m, which were quickly delivered in 2 packages of 2.50 m each. The privacy screen is so heavy that the GLS messenger could hardly carry a package. Also for the assembly, 2 pieces are much better, since you would probably fall over with a 5 m roll ;-). The individual bamboo sticks are very solid and connected to each other with a stable wire. The fact that each rod is of different thickness creates a very natural picture. It is not completely opaque, since there are of course narrow gaps between the individual bars. However, you have to stand exactly in front of it and want to look through it. Our terrace now has more holiday flair. Absolute buy recommendation!
  • We live in the attic and the balconies are separated only by perforated metal plates to which you can attach privacy screens. Due to strong wind, we have broken some over time. With the bamboo, our size is 2m x 2.50m, everything is super stable, since the dead weight alone is 9kg and can be attached using the supplied wire or cable tie. Now it looks nice and is really durable. I am happy.
  • Although the description of the article suggests the condition of the goods, after unpacking we were horrified by the strong fungus and mold. The seller also answered our questions / pictures comprehensively, but you still have to do the treatment of the bamboo to be able to use it. In our eyes, “high quality” looks different.
  • For me, the bamboo fence is the ideal solution for our seating area. Natural material, light, except for the weight of the roll .. but bamboo is not easy, quick to assemble, no great fastening. Longer somewhat concrete fence posts are sufficient. The fence has its weight, but should also hold.
  • These arrived well packed and they are very easy to install – just used a rubber mallet and tapped them into the ground. They are very sturdy once in the ground and they do bend so you can use them in any shape you like. I love these so much I bought another box to finish out the tiki garden.
  • You get a good amount for the price.
    Looks cool.
    Easily damaged in the mail. A few were cracked. They were not protected very well. I was given an amazon credit.
    When hammering them in, use a block of wood or something to distribute the impact.

Customer questions & answers

  1. Will this have 12 Sections that is 23in long ?

23 inches per section
By Patrick Riley on June 10, 201

  • So in total 23 feet of bamboo edging, correct?

Yes there are 12 pieces just under two feet a piece

  • Is 8″ the height of the lowest pole? Is this product available in longer height?

I haven’t measured it but I would guess it’s 8″ at the highest point.

  • So it comes in 12 sections which would be rolls and when all sections are together, how long would it be?

There are 12 pieces to a case, approximately 23ft.

  • how do i link the pieces together?

By putting them next to each other.
You could use wire or a heavy twine if you wich

  • Is this a better deal then getting your 5 section bamboo product.

look at the prices.. compare

  • Will these hold up in a humid rainy climate or do they need some kind of protective coating applied before being used in the outdoors?

Live in Key West Florida where it can be very humid, hot and rainly all year.. These have held up great and still look new..

  • How well do they hold up against a weed wacker?

My gardener uses a weed whacker and I don’t see any damage and I’ve had mine up for quite a while

  • Is it possible to only get 2 sections without the stakes?

Hi, at this time, we don’t offer this size without the stakes but you can cut the stakes off. Another option is item ASIN #B0793HRCY2, it is the same bamboo border but in a bigger size, 96 x 1.2 x 12 inches, this one doesn’t come with stakes.

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