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It gives you security against burglars, prevents glances from suspicious neighbors, is the limit of your property: the fence . And your fence doesn’t have to look drab or bland. The trend to design your fence creatively continues. He sometimes has strange flowers. Just think of fences made of tons, brightly painted. Many of you have probably already thought about making your fence more unusual. Decorate your own fence and design it creatively so that it gets a very personal touch. We give below an overview of how you can creatively upgrade chain-link fences, wooden fences or metal fences.

Decorate chain-link fences

The chain link fence is not per se the exceptional garden fence . Because of its manufacture, it is a prime example of functional industrial design. Which of course has some advantages:

  • inexpensive to buy
  • can be used in almost any terrain
  • easy construction

However, the chain link fence also has a disadvantage: it does not offer a privacy screen . This is not optimal for the enclosure of a house with a garden. But what is not, can still become.

“Decorating” the fence

fence, fence modern, garden fence modern
Plastic straps, chain link fence, colors, decoration

The so-called decorating the chain-link fence is becoming increasingly popular. It is becoming increasingly popular. But what does it mean? Wool or fabrics are not used. Rather, they are plastic straps, so-called “privacy rollers” . These are available in many decor and color variations. These are simply woven into the mesh of the fence. You kill two birds with one stone. Not only is your fence creatively decorated, you also create a privacy screen for your fence. Secret looks from the neighbors are a thing of the past! But for the designers among you, there is another cheap idea to “knock open” the fence.

Braid the wire mesh again

fence, modern fence, garden fence, aluminum fence
Wire mesh, braiding, individual

This idea is relatively new for your garden fence. Parts of the fence are cut out or pinched. You can then replace the wire mesh with another fence. The new pieces are knotted with the cut ends. Of course, if you have skill and time, you can lend a hand. You can bend the wire yourself and create all sorts of figures and shapes. Forms that look like hanging, filigree chains from a distance are very popular. There are no limits to your ideas for design. But what about the well-known wooden fence. Are there any design options here?

Ideas for the wooden fence

A wooden fence literally lends itself to a creative “work-out”. For example, you can turn a simple column fence into a fence made of colored pencils. All you need is a little color and the whole family can participate in the creative process. So everyone is certainly satisfied with the end result. Another trend regarding wooden fencing is the fence made of pallets.

Dead wood, garden fence, rustic
Dead wood, fence, rustic

With the pallet fence, you can simply take Euro pallets and dig them into the floor, similar to wooden slats. Do you want it to be even more rustic? No problem. How about a deadwood hedge? A cheap idea as a fence. And particularly close to nature. Long, elastic branches are stuck between densely placed posts made of natural wood and intertwined so that in the end a natural protection from dead wood is created. When the wood dries, it loses its elasticity and becomes more stable all by itself. You can make fences from all kinds of materials. Skis, barrels, surfboards. We have already seen everything. Do you want it to be more elegant and modern? Then we recommend you metal fences.

Metal fences

Aluminum fences have become established in Austria. Due to their robustness and longevity , they are extremely popular. Aluminum fences from GUARDI are available in numerous designs. Of course with a suitable railing, sliding gate, garden gate or garden door. All Guardi aluminum fences are coated with a powder coating. This means that the fences are not only robust and easy to maintain, but also available in a variety of colors and designs. Do you want an aluminum fence with a wood look? No problem! At GUARDI, fences with a wood look look confusingly similar to wooden fences. The Roma decorative fence , for example, is ideal for this design.

Here are other advantages of aluminum fencing. He is

  • stainless. Unlike a wooden fence, you never have to paint your aluminum fence again.
  • easy to clean. Cleaning with water with the addition of a pH-neutral detergent is sufficient. 
  • robust and stable. The material properties remain constant even with very high temperature fluctuations.
  • resistant to UV radiation. So you can continue to enjoy sunny summer days with a clear conscience.
  • fully recyclable. Old aluminum can easily be melted down and reused.

And the best thing about the aluminum fence? You have an infinite number of decoration options. You can attach flower boxes, fairy lights or colorful cloths and give your fence your own personal design. Or just stay simple, depending on your personal style!

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