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Rockets, bollards, etc. – while for many people these loud things (along with lots of alcohol) belong to the turn of the year, this is the horror concept for most pets, with dogs suffering the most. Are you celebrating the first New Year’s Eve with a dog? The sudden explosion thunder causes most dogs to despair. Not only good hearing, but also the finely developed nose can suffer extremely under such extreme conditions. This can manifest itself in fear and panic among the animals. But this does not have to be the case! That’s why we present tips on how you can prepare your four-legged friends for this expected event and your New Year’s Eve will be less stressful.

Is my dog ​​scared at all?

It is easy to find out if your dog is scared. The physical symptoms show up as tremors, increased pulse, sweating of the paws and the uncontrollable drooling. Your four-legged friend also indicates by hiding in dark places or in quiet “caves” that he wants to withdraw and seek protection.

Keep Calm!

The top priority is generally not to leave the dog alone. Your presence in the same room makes the pet quieter, more relaxed from the ground up, and you can act the same way. With music you can also ensure calm. Quiet, classical music, a relaxation playlist or simple natural sounds can have a calming effect on the animal. It is also advisable to darken the room or to contain the noise from the surroundings in any way.

Dog get used to New Years Eve

Your dog reacts differently when the noise generated at the turn of the year means nothing new for him / her. Therefore, it is advisable to “harden” the pet in advance with the help of loud boxes from which New Year’s noise booms. What does that mean specifically? You play the noise right next to the dog and reward it with food if there is no reaction to the noise. If this is repeated many times, a routine arises and the New Year’s noise is not a surprise.

Cave hideouts provide security

Give your dogs the opportunity to hide. Be it under the bed or behind the couch – hideouts offer security and let the dog be alone (if he wants to). A suitable hiding place can also be the garden shed – just try it, you will notice how your dog will react to it.
If the dog seeks physical contact in extreme noise, you should go into it and give it to him. However, if this does not force him, he can feel restricted.

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Play as a distraction

Another effective way of not feeling the New Year’s noise too clearly is simply distraction. Playing with the dog is best. Get your favorite toy, romp around so that the surrounding fireworks become a minor matter. If you notice that the dog reacts the way you want it – show it with rewards for the dog at the same time. You can do this outside in the garden. Even if it is dark – your four-legged friend can let off steam as usual within your garden fence .

Beware of sedatives

If the fear is too great, the tremor is too extreme and the panic is written on the dog’s face, sedatives are the very last option. No matter what medication is involved – discuss any intake with your veterinarian beforehand. He knows best which agents are the most effective or what seems most suitable for your dog.

As a basic rule, however, you can generally assume that when you are calm, you give your pet the most trust and security, which can only have positive effects. With this in mind, we, the GUARDI team, wish you and your four-legged friends a great start to the new year!

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