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At this point we fall straight into the house and say yes! Yes there is clearly a future with aluminum and maybe this valuable and versatile material is even the future? If not all of it, we assume that aluminum will accompany us more and more in the next few years. As packaging, in cars, in aviation or in your garden. How do we get it? We would like to explain that to you in today’s article.

Aluminum, perfect for recycling

We do not want to deny that modern composite materials such as carbon will also become more important in the very long term. But for the foreseeable future, in contrast to aluminum, these still have decisive disadvantages. The ecological footprint comes first. How do you recycle a fiber composite that is out of shape? Once taken out of the earth and processed, aluminum can be reprocessed with only 5% of the original energy expenditure. Aluminum generally does not suffer a loss of quality. And in our construction sector, the aluminum recycling rate is already over 96%! The economic interests are connected according to the environmental aspects. The processing methods of aluminum are now established and are constantly being improved. This and the comparatively simple recycling keep the costs low for us producers and ultimately for you. And due to the constant further development, the trend is pointing further downwards.

GUARDI Austria Recycling Aluminum Metal Recycling Sustainable

Methuselah vs. aluminum

We continue to believe in aluminum because of its tremendous durability. An interesting example is the dome of the church of San Gioacchino ai Prati di Castello in Rome. It was made of aluminum by its master builder over 115 years ago and has served its purpose ever since, despite all adversity. A nice proof that you can enjoy your GUARDI products for a long time, even beyond our 15-year guarantee . San Gioacchino also shows you another interesting location for aluminum. Roof structures are less stressed by aluminum shingles and make maintenance easier. The possibilities of this material are simply enormous. From space travel, over the roof, into the car and up to yours GUARDI aluminum fences or post boxes can be found everywhere.

Easy to handle

GUARDI Austria fitters assembly service self assembly assembly service
GUARDI – set up by our experienced fitters

Of course, this diversity does not only benefit the finished products. Its lightness not only pleases our fitters, but also all of you who want to set up our products on your own. Its malleability enables unique designs and embellishments. It not only shapes the face of your car or bicycle, but also of your garden, flower bed or balcony railing .

Versatile and individual

GUARDI Austria aluminum fence colorful rainbow colored individual aluminum personal
GUARDI – individual and personal design

In the end we would like to mention that the uniqueness of our aluminum products is not only due to their shape. Aluminum is so easy to process that we leave you a myriad of options, for example to design your own fence or gate . Size, shape and decoration are just the basic structure. Aluminum can be colored wonderfully. Not only does it achieve a colorful variety , it can also replicate other materials such as wood or cast iron in great detail.

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