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The plank fence or chain fence as a privacy screen is a popular choice when it comes to protecting your privacy in the garden. Anyone who lives in densely built-up areas knows about the uncomfortable feeling that arises when you feel watched. Relaxing is noticeably more difficult. Regardless of whether it is about sunbathing in the garden, a relaxing afternoon break with a good book and a cool drink or a family party in your own green: in neighboring neighborhood gardens one often lacks a private setting and protection from prying eyes without a privacy fence
But even in an open railing there are similar problems. Without a privacy screen, you are particularly easily exposed to the eyes of strangers. In addition to its original, highly functional use, an opaque screed fence has many other advantages, both optical and practical. 
Would you like to buy a high-quality plank fence or a chain fence at a reasonable price? Then you have come to the right place at Joda. Various models are available in our range. You can choose between different types of wood, shades, designs and shapes. Here you will also find everything you need to know if you want to buy a plank fence or a picket fence. Find the right model easily and easily at Joda!

Classic & timelessly beautiful: wood fence 

The wooden fence is a classic element when it comes to garden design. Because of its traditional design and origin, it is classically beautiful; nevertheless, it offers its users a wide range of individual design options. The screed fence is easy to maintain, weatherproof, perfect as a privacy fence and sustainable. You can easily carry out repairs, embellishments and extensions at any time. Wood offers you the advantage that it can be processed easily and in different ways. A new coat of paint is possible at any time; at the same time the garden fence looks like new again.

Screed fence, picket fence, chain fence – protection from prying eyes 

A plank fence from Joda proves to be particularly opaque. Since we want to offer you a particularly large selection, we have various wooden fence models with planks available in our range. The filigree models have thinner slats, between which there is a certain distance. If you want to use the chain fence as a privacy screen, you can increase its opacity by using suitable privacy mats or by climbing plants. Get creative! Here you have different garden ideas to implement. 

Natural & versatile

The chain fence fits seamlessly into the natural garden landscape and completes the cozy picture of the garden perfectly. At the same time, it turns out to be very multifaceted. Depending on the variant, the plank fence can appear rustic, traditional, classic, elegant and modern. If you want to buy a picket fence, you are guaranteed to find the right model at Joda, which you can adapt to your needs and ideas. 

Ideal outdoor wind and noise protection 

A closed plank fence with closely spaced stacks not only offers you protection from prying eyes, but also from wind and noise. At the same time, it stores heat so that you can sit a little longer in the garden on fresh spring evenings. A chain fence is not only useful for gardens: it is just as useful on terraces, in front gardens and as a delimitation device for other private areas. The plank fence is weather-resistant and robust and therefore proves to be a long-lasting support.

Cover unloved sights decoratively 

Would you like to cover up unloved sights and decorate your home and garden at the same time? Our tip: Put on a chain fence! Gray garbage cans, unsightly walls and other beauty blemishes like to become daily torment for your own aesthetic feeling: every day you notice us unpleasantly when looking at the lovingly designed house environment and garden landscape. With an attractive screed fence you put an end to this problem once and for all. It can be designed individually and significantly enhances the usefulness of your garden, front yard, your terrace or driveway.

Compaction & embellishment with climbing plants

You can easily adapt a chain fence to your taste. Our range includes the right colors for painting. Furthermore, the plank fence can also be embellished with climbing plants. The plant tendrils not only look beautiful, they also have a practical use. They compact the fence as a whole and thus increase its visibility and noise protection. The covered parts of the fence are also protected from the weather.

Easy maintenance & repair 

You have a long time to get a high-quality plank fence from Joda if you maintain it regularly. Cleaning and maintenance is easy here and takes little time. In our offer you will find various maintenance products in addition to other accessories for the fence. With a coat of paint, the transparent impregnation primer and the Joda®color weather protection oil are recommended. A new coat of paint is always worthwhile once a few years of use have passed. Immediately after drying, the fence returns to its old shine and looks like new.

Timber fence wood: the right model for every plot size 

Joda is your point of contact when it comes to purchasing a high-quality chain fence at a reasonable price. Our fence models offer you the advantage that the construction is easy and can therefore be carried out easily in your own manner. You can also request help with installation from your Joda partner. Our products are made from high quality wood that comes from sustainable forestry.

Castella fence 

The Castella arch fence is a chain fence with a finely sawn surface. Due to the arch, it is also suitable as a gate fence. The wooden privacy fence looks particularly rustic and fits perfectly into a natural environment. The gate fence is available in two versions: a fence (180 cm high) in the shape of an arch with the same width and a 90 x 153/73 cm end.
In our offer, you can choose between two types of material and color for the screed fence: competitive KDI and natural larch. The plank fence is completely opaque and, in addition to its functional use, offers you various options for decorative use.

Herrera wooden fence 

This chain fence is a straight privacy arch with a rustic look and a smooth planed surface. By combining the different variants, you can create a gallant transition between a higher wooden fence (180 cm high) and a lower 90 cm high fence element; The connection in the dimensions 90 x 172/90 cm serves as a connecting link. The low version is also perfect as a front yard fence.
The plank fence consists of stable and robust, completely cut solid wood elements. The look inspired by nature blends seamlessly into all green surroundings – be it the allotment garden or the garden in the country. The fence is high quality and processed with great attention to detail. A vertical decorative profile enhances the classically beautiful look of the traditionally shaped 145 mm thick wallpapers.

Chain fence

The Mühlenhof model is a robust and completely prefabricated privacy fence with round shaped stacks. At Joda you have the choice between two variants: a 180 x 180 cm fence element and a 100 x 180 cm door. The material is sustainable boiler pressure impregnated softwood. The straight solid wood elements offer you the possibility of a strong demarcation, and they also ensure optimal visibility, wind and noise protection. The stacks are set on both sides and tapered. 

Parquet fence  

The Egernsund chain fence is a sealing fence with a solid wood profile. The opaque privacy fence is available from us in the 150 x 180 cm version. With regard to the material and the color, you can choose between weather-resistant KDI natural wood and natural larch. 
The plank fence impresses with its traditional shape, which makes it a suitable decorative and privacy protection element for the garden at all times. The screens set strong limits at the same time. The solid wood profiles are joined vertically. This results in a “floor and cover formwork”. This chain fence effectively protects you from prying eyes, strong gusts of wind and direct noise.

Picket fence Vario 

The Joda garden fence Vario is a modern picket fence, which is composed of stacks with different degrees of obliquity. You can purchase the prefabricated fence elements in our range in three different versions: 180 x 180 cm, 90 x 180 cm and 200 x 80 cm. Choose the right model for your taste from the materials and colors of larch natural, spruce gray white and spruce quartz! The irregularly beveled slats give the screed fence a unique look that perfectly complements its classic shape. This fence model is also ideal for young residential areas.

Privacy fence Borneo 

This privacy fence is a sealing fence from Bangkirai and has a 100% FSC certification. It is available in the variants 180 x 180 cm, 90 x 180 cm and in a 90 x 180/90 cm finish. The prefabricated privacy screens offer you the perfect mix of modern and classic-elegant. 
The special Bangkirai wood comes from Indonesia and has proven to be very robust and stable. In this way, the screed fence easily withstands high loads. You can optionally purchase natural solid wood posts with decorative grooves for the product.

Ponderosa privacy fence 

This privacy fence is a particularly close-to-nature and inexpensive privacy screen made from bonbon boards. We have the fence elements available in the variants 180 180 cm and 180 x 80 cm. Choose between weatherproof KDI and natural larch! The prefabricated privacy fence with a natural look has solid screens in a rustic style. 

Huelva screen 

The Huelva visor is an attractive arched chain fence that stands out due to its fine decorative profile. The different materials and colors in our range make it clear how multifaceted the privacy fence can be. 
Natural KDI and larch emphasize a natural look, but are also suitable for your own color design. Spruce mango and spruce cream look particularly modern. The sturdy panels consist of robust prefabricated solid wood elements, which are worked with attention to detail and finely. A vertical decorative profile ensures that the stacks are finished.

Vitoria screed fence 

The Vitoria privacy screen model proves to be particularly multifaceted and highly customizable: we have the variants 180 x 180 cm, 90 x 180 cm, 180 x 150 cm and 180 x 120 cm available, furthermore three different finishes in the dimensions 90 x 172 / 50 cm, 90 x 172/120 cm and 90 x 172/90 cm available.
Adapt the fence comfortably to your imagination and your plot size! In terms of materials, you can choose between KDI, natural larch and spruce quartz. The classic, as well as variable shape fits every imaginable garden style.

Bilbao privacy fence 

The Bilbao privacy fence is an angular model with sturdy stacks with a planed surface. Regarding the format, you can choose between 90 x 180 cm, 180 x 180 cm and a 90 x 180/90 cm finish. The Bilbao wooden fence is available in many different looks and material types. Let your taste decide – what should it be: KDI, natural larch, spruce quartz, spruce mango or spruce cream? The alternating slats act as a dynamic stripe pattern, which ensures seamless integration of the fence into the garden.

Privacy fence Cadiz 

This model is an inexpensive privacy fence with a rustic look and a finely sawn surface. Here you have the choice between a 180 x 180 cm fence element and an 87 x 712/90 cm finish in KDI or larch left untouched. The assembly of the chain fence is very easy due to the prefabricated elements.


This classic picket fence consists of evenly placed stacks that have a slightly beveled profile at the top. The format allows the variants 180 x 180 cm and 90 x 180 cm in natural larch or spruce granite. The classic look proves to be timelessly elegant, so that it can be used just as well in modern residential areas as in natural surroundings.

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