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Wicker fence elements as a natural screen element for balconies and gardens 

A privacy screen is essential for your own privacy in the garden. Especially in densely built-up areas with adjacent neighborhood gardens you only really feel safe from prying eyes. This is the only way to enjoy the well-deserved rest in the garden. A woven wicker fence made of willow branches is also ideal as a privacy screen for patios. The wicker fence as the boundary of your property also offers you an opaque privacy screen. Even in open areas, the wicker fence is the ideal solution that protects you from the eyes of strangers. Visually, the wicker fence, braided from willow branches, also makes a lot of difference, because the wicker fence blends perfectly with the natural branches in the wicker rods and thus creates a cozy look. But which wicker fence is the right one? What do you have to consider with the pasture fence? In the following, we will tell you what to look for in the pasture fence if you want to buy a pasture fence. We also present different pasture fence models and variants from which you can conveniently choose the right fence for your needs.

Traditional and durable fence made of braided willow as a privacy screen in the garden 

A wicker fence with a wooden frame and wicker rods is a particularly popular option when it comes to delimiting your own property with a privacy fence or wind protection. It owes its popularity in particular to its practical and optical properties.

The wicker fence – opaque natural fence as a screen made of willow branches 

The wicker fence with its perforated willow rods is almost opaque and thus fulfills all the important requirements for reliable privacy protection. At the same time, the wicker fence blends seamlessly into the garden environment. Unlike a fence made of metal, for example, the willow privacy fence does not stand out unpleasantly, but complements the self-designed garden landscape with its natural look almost perfectly. Since the wicker fence is very traditional, this wooden fence easily survives all trends and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Wicker fence made of willow branches – protection against wind, weather and noise in the garden

Another advantage that the wicker fence offers: it protects you from the wind and also brings a certain level of noise insulation with it. In summer the pasture fence retains the warmth in the garden for a little longer after sunset, in winter the cold is held back a little. All of these effects are particularly noticeable due to its height, which the pasture fence brings as a privacy fence from scratch, and its robust, opaque shape.

The wicker fence – decorative embellishment – wicker fences made of willow branches for the garden

You can also use wicker mats to cover unloved sights – such as walls, garbage cans and the like. In this way, you can quickly and easily embellish the overall picture of your garden and your home environment with a wicker fence, so that they are immediately upgraded. A low willow border is also suitable to limit plants and flower beds. 

Willow fence – help for climbing plants 

An opaque wicker fence can still be customized. For example, you can easily pull various beautiful climbing plants along the wicker fences made from willow branches. While the plants provide an even higher quality look, they also bring practical benefits. They further densify the willow fence mesh, so that the willow fence provides even better protection against noise, wind and prying eyes. In addition, the vine plants protect the wicker fence from the weather. 

The wicker fence – easy to maintain 

However, you should not do without regular care: use our care oil for pasture fences for the pasture rods.
The braided wicker fence for the garden is therefore easy to maintain and proves to be particularly durable. Our products correspond to the renowned Joda quality. 

Buy wicker fences from Joda – so you can find the right model for your garden

In our assortment you will find different wicker fence models. All wicker fence models are made in traditional craftsmanship. We use high-quality, natural wood for the frames, which is obtained from sustainable forestry. With a fine sense for functional, beautiful shapes, “Holm”, “Hamdorf” and “Haithabu” created rustic screens, which not only conquer the natural garden with their original charm. The willow and hazelnut branches have always served as a material for separating the house and the yard. Our natural fences come from European braiding. They are handcrafted by experienced braiders in accordance with the old craft tradition. The material: The wicker comes from sustainable plantation cultivation. Only the particularly fl exible, A little more than one year old rods (oil-impregnated) are used for braiding. The particularly robust hazelnut remains completely natural as a rod, is weatherproof without impregnation and has a long shelf life. 

Willow fence spar 

The wicker fence spar is traditionally handmade and consists of oil-treated willow branches. You can design it as a tiered model that can be put together from three pasture fence variants. You can choose between the dimensions 120 x 100 cm, 120 x 140 cm and 120 x 180 cm. 
Those who prefer wicker fences can limit their selection to one of the variants and thus individually adjust the height of the wicker fence. The wicker fence Holm has a very straightforward, clear and modern shape, so that it fits well into modern and young residential areas, but at the same time maintains its natural frame. 
Its dense interweaving creates a particularly opaque wicker fence for the garden, patios and the general property. The privacy fence has a complete frame made of glazed pine (35 x 45 mm). 

  • Wicker fence 120 x 100 cm
  • Privacy screen wicker fence 120 x 140 cm
  • Wicker fence 120 x 180 cm

Braided natural fence Haithabu 

The braided natural fence Haithabu is a naturally crooked hazelnut fence made of untreated hazelnut wood. It is untreated and braided by hand. This brings a particularly natural and rustic look with it and fits seamlessly into rural areas. The natural fence is available in four different versions. You can choose between the dimensions 180 x 180 cm, 180 x 150 cm, 180 x 120 cm and 180 x 90 cm.

  • Braided fence Haithabu hazelnut 180 x 180 cm
  • Braided fence Haithabu hazelnut 180 x 150 cm
  • Braided fence Haithabu hazelnut 180 x 120 cm
  • Braided fence Haithabu hazelnut 180 x 90 cm

Halmstad natural fence 

The Halmstad wicker fence is an oil-treated natural fence with a straight complete frame. The handmade braid consists of unpeeled, fungicide and oil treated willow. The frame is made of glazed pine wood (35 x 45 mm). The fence elements have the dimensions 180 x 180 cm and are closed. This creates a particularly representative look, at the same time it offers you high-quality and safe privacy from prying eyes.

Braiding wicker fence Hamdorf 

The wicker fence Hamdorf consists of oil-treated, hand-woven wicker rods and has a narrow side frame. This creates a natural, high-quality look that fits perfectly into the garden. The strips are made of stained pine wood (24 x 48 mm). 

Willow border 

Our willow border can be used very well to delimit plants and flower beds. You can give beautiful and special plants a decorative frame with the willow border made of willow branches, and with their help you can visually “tame” the overall picture of a large number of plants. In this way you give your garden more order and form. In the Joda online shop for home and garden, the willow border is available in the variants 120 x 20 cm and 120 x 25 cm.

Pay attention to the right accessories for natural fences as a privacy screen

To offer you the best possible shopping experience, we at Joda have everything you need to build your own fence. We would be happy to accompany you from planning to implementation and make this route particularly easy, fast and inexpensive for you. 
In our range you will find all the necessary accessories for assembly. Assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery of each of our products. In our shop you will find post screws, H-post anchors, cross-wood posts, wicker fence holders and associated screws and much more. You will always find the required additional materials in a practical overview on the respective product page. 

Carefully maintain the wicker fence 

Our maintenance oil for wicker fences, willow mats and willow branches is also available in our shop. Regular maintenance of the pasture fences is important for the longevity of the garden fence. In this way, the seamless look of the privacy mats will remain for a long time. With the right care, the pasture fence quickly looks like new again.

Fence assembly – do it yourself or have it done 

We always make assembly as easy as possible for you. All of our products are designed to be easily implemented in-house. You can find information on fence assembly in our monthly tips. You can enjoy your new product immediately after fixing it. 
If you would like further advice and help with assembly, please feel free to contact your trusted Joda partner. He will be happy to assist you with his in-house service or help you find crafts.

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