Checklist For House Building & Gardening – From Planning To Owning Your Own Home

With our checklist for house building and gardening – from planning to owning your own home, nothing stands in the way of your dream of owning your own home. We have put together a few tips for you, from finding a property to designing a garden.

Property search & living environment

The first point of the checklist for house building & gardening is the decision making of your dream property. Here it is important to assess the environment in advance. What does the traffic situation, local supply and the accessibility of schools, authorities etc. look like? You should also consider how the environment could develop in the future.

For the property itself, we recommend that you obtain information about the condition of the soil and any contaminated sites from the responsible authority (e.g. via the contaminated site atlas of the Federal Environment Agency). Furthermore, the development plan is of central importance, since it determines what exactly can be built on the property.

At the land registry office you can get a perfect overview of the property using the so-called land map. You can check ownership of land in the public land register. Get all the important information in writing, it’s safe to be safe!

If you have agreed with the seller, it goes to the notary. From then on you are the proud owner of a property.

Building material selection & accessibility

Sustainability is a big issue in our society. Therefore, more and more people need to pay attention to building ecologically. If you face this challenge, be careful when choosing your building materials.

So-called living poisons can still be found in numerous materials. Since research is very time-consuming, we recommend advice from an expert construction biologist. 

One point that will also play an important role in the future is barrier-free construction. The stairs of a house can be a big challenge in old age. You can arm yourself with the three pillars of accessibility:

  1. No vertical obstacles (e.g. high steps, curbs, door sills and shower tray edges)
  2. No horizontal obstacles (e.g. narrow door frames)
  3. Sufficient space for movement (e.g. in front of wash basins)

Basement expansion & foundation

Removing the basement is a good idea if you have space problems or just want to create an additional space (e.g. hobby room, youth room etc.). It is important to provide enough air and light so that your cellar becomes comfortable. Heating is also recommended. Sufficiently sealed and equipped with good thermal insulation, your basement can now become the ultimate party zone.

The problems with the foundation are in the details. The professional execution decides on the quality of the foundation and thus on the stability of the structure. It is therefore very important to compact the concrete when filling it.

Garden, terrace & balcony

“The garden should look nice, but it should also be practical.” This sentence is well known to many of you. And yes, it is possible.

Think in advance about the demands you have on your garden and make a rough division of space (pond, herb patch, etc.). The first contours become visible when the surfaces are shaped. We advise you to stick to a style consistently, for example using only round shapes or staying true to the Mediterranean design.

The main seat of the garden is probably the terrace . Make sure there is enough legroom on the terrace, as well as protection from the sun and wind as well as prying neighbours.

Your terrace should not differ too much from the architectural style of your house and should offer enough space for your summer furniture.

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Home Fences Upper Story

If you don’t have a garden, but you have a great need for an oasis of wellbeing, where you can enjoy the summer evening in a similar way to the terrace, there is of course a solution:

You can add a balcony later!

The simplest variant is the “balcony”. Thanks to its self-supporting construction, only a few anchoring points are necessary on the facade. For this, GUARDI offers you a variety of great balcony railings from which you can choose.

Interior fittings & trades

With the interior, you insulate, insulate and clad the sloping ceilings and ceiling, erect dry partitions and side walls. The trades include the installation of windows and doors, electrical work, the installation of heating and sanitary facilities. Furthermore, the installation of the screed, the plastering of the walls, tiling work, and finally the painting work.

House construction costs & calculation

It often happens that you hear from friends or acquaintances that the house building costs have exploded in the course of the construction work. Our tip so that you do not share this fate: SET A FIXED PRICE LIMIT!

And refuse to exceed them. Builds as tailor-made as possible to have the greatest cost-benefit factor. You should also include prefabricated houses in your considerations. Due to their predictability, these can sometimes be cheaper than solid construction houses.

Pay close attention to which positions are included in your contract and which are not. Compare different offers, which additional costs are incurred and which are not, and always do the calculations yourself.

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