Fence Construction – A guide To Planning

Sunny autumn days invite you to take long walks – with your dog or family. And it is not uncommon for us to come across houses of all kinds. We comment on them, say what we like and what we don’t! The first eye-catcher in a house is always the fence. It is the calling card of your house, the figurehead, so to speak. The fence gives passers-by and visitors a foretaste of your style and the design of the house. Today’s instructions offer tips and tricks for fence construction. Whether measuring or choosing the right fence. Everything about the fence or better said: You can find everything about your house in our new blog.

First steps in building a fence

front yard

The front yard plays a major role in fence construction, whether carried out by a professional or independently. You should plan your fence together with your front yard! The front yard is usually not closed off by a privacy screen. It offers a welcome view of your home. Fence and house form a symbiosis here, just like the way to the carport in front of the house, the mailbox or the facade. If you take all these elements into account, you get a harmonious overall picture. Note: A massive fence does not harmonize with a small, rather inconspicuous house and vice versa, a modest fence does not fit the splendid villa. Let’s start with measuring our fence.


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Surveying, land registry, material requirements

When measuring your fence, there are a few important things to consider. You can see the length of the property boundaries from the map of the land registry . However, there is no way around measuring on the spot! Draw down the floor plan of your property and enter the measurements. Measure with the longest possible tape measure from boundary stone to boundary stone. The entrance and the way to the house should be marked in advance. This makes it clear where you need fence elements at all. The best way to calculate the material requirements is to lay out the site plan on graph paper.

Many properties border on neighboring sites on three sides. To save money, chain link fencing is often used here. It is better, however, if you use stable mesh mats. As the name suggests, they are extremely stable. As far as the height of your fence is concerned, there are differences in legislation from state to state. You can find out more about it here! When you are finished with the survey, it is about finding the right provider for your fence construction.

Important questions for the provider search

There are many providers in the fence segment. It is therefore important to find the right one for you. Ask yourself the following questions and your fence system will be a gem of your home without any worries!

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Assembly, delivery, guarantee


Does the company, where you order your fence, have its own assembly team or do you have to contact and pay an assembly company?


How about the delivery of the fence elements. Are there any suppliers here who can deliver the fence you ordered free of charge? Transporting the fence system can sometimes be a huge cost!


Make sure that the provider of your fence model guarantees you a guarantee. In the worst case, with small material damage due to transport or any production errors, you are on the safe side.

Which provider can cover all of these points? The questions mentioned above are of course to be dealt with against the background of the choice of materials for the fence.

Choosing a Garden Fence – Designs, Types & Material


The classic do-it-yourself material is wood. It is relatively easy to process, offers infinite design options and is available almost everywhere. Already with finished fence elements, the selection is almost unmanageable, because in addition to the traditional shapes such as stake, picket and hunter fence, there are many variants of decoratively designed fence panels. However, it has a limited lifespan. You also have to regularly impregnate the wooden fence. This is the only way to maintain protection longer. The wooden fence is ideal for rural houses in traditional style.

chain-link fence

Wire mesh is the first choice wherever long borders need to be fenced securely and inexpensively. With suitable posts, tension rods, clamps and wire tensioners, it can be processed very easily. You can also green your chain link fence with climbing plants or a hedge. It is then ideal as a privacy screen. You can find more decorating ideas for your fence in one of our last articles “Decorate fences & design creatively – design highlights for your home” .

Aluminum fence

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Fence fields made of aluminum are practically indestructible. The powder coating is much more durable than any painting and maintenance is limited to cleaning the fence occasionally. In addition, the powder coating makes it possible to generate almost any color. Materials such as wood or cast iron can be easily mimicked. The advantages of the aluminum fence remain! GUARDI also offers you a variety of different fence types. Whether classically traditional or elegantly modern. We have the right fence for every taste. Convince yourself!

Aluminum Garden Fences

The GUARDI fence system is based on 3 pillars: excellent quality, exceptional handcrafted design and affordable prices. You only buy a garden fence once in a lifetime, so quality is very important to us. Browse through our wide selection of fences:

  • Garden fences made of aluminum
  • Chainlink fences & wire mesh
  • Double bar mesh fences with stabilizing bars
  • Fences
  • Privacy fences

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