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Abba Patio Recycled Plastic Resin Decorative Border Garden Edging Landscape Fence Set-6 Pieces, 23″ x 6″, Black

Are you looking for expert advice for buying the best garden fences ? best garden fences  experts are here with the list of top rated garden fences available in Italy for 2020

You will invest your hard earned money by purchasing this garden fence and I don’t want you to be sorry. That’s why I spent a lot of time researching, reviewing, comparing. To finally end with this list!


This garden fence is made from post-consumer recycled plastic! Single-use plastic bottles have been kept out of landfills to be recycled, reprocessed and reengineered to create this Recyclable material. Made from sturdy UV-protected plastic, the Decorative Fence Border is designed for handsome durability. It is easy to install by simply pushing into the ground. By protecting and decorating flower bed, walkway or greensward, your garden looks tidier and better. This decorative border has edges that easily attach to make a continuous length. This durable plastic fencing won’t rust like metal or chip like painted wood and is pliant enough to arrange in curves. It’s easy to install and transport, and measures 23 inches long. It includes 6 pieces that can be used together to create a border space.

– Material: Recycled Plastic Resin
– Gross Weight: 2.9 LBS
– Product Dimensions: 23. 2 inch x 6. 2 inch x 0. 4 inch
– Color: Black


  • Permanent Black color throughout with added UV inhibitors and fade resistance for longevity. Also, water-resistant, and provides the best value
  • Light weight, economical alternative to metal lawn edging; gothic arch with faux wrought iron look
  • aterial is perfect for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. You can personalize and repair your garden, make it look better, more organized, and create a Boundary for animals and kids
  • One set includes 6 pieces fence, one piece size: 23. 2 inch x 6. 2 inch x 0. 4 inch
  • The fence material is easy to install, simply press into the ground. Plus, the material’s strength is heavy-duty, yet requires low maintenance

Product Details

  • Primary Material: Composite
  • Fence Design: Decorative
  • * An excellent solution to define the area around the garden
  • * Small modular fence, easy to assemble
  • * It can also be used in a house or in a store to shape a vase
  • * Thick wood, more fixed wire, more solid, don’t worry about the breakage problem anymore!
  • * Choose the best wooden board, treated by carbonization, resistant to corrosion, humidity and insects.
  • * Quick and easy to install, just plug the fence together and push the bottom tip into the soft ground
    Name: fence
    Material: wood
    Color: as shown
    Style: rustic style
    Scene: balcony, courtyard, garden, etc.
    Uses: can be used for patios, garden fences, flower beds and fences
    Area of ​​use: gardens, courtyards, orchards, farms, villas, communities, etc.
    * Ideal for decorative displays, sturdy and flexible edges to create curved borders and shaped partitions, creating flexible borders, easy separation in your garden
    * Can be painted or stained to match any garden decor.
  • Perfect addition to your holiday displays.
  • Nice gifts for kids etc, meanwhile increase the art for your kids home.
  • Perfect for any miniature garden, mini house or shadowbox scene.
  • Bring much more joy for your kid.
  • Fit for mini succulents, potted, decorate home or furnishings, small decorative gardening.
  •  Material: made with high quality and environmentally friendly pine materials, it does not crack, deform, yellow, splinter or rot.No painting, coloring or maintenance required.
  • Easy to install: this garden fence is flexible and easy to assemble. Just connect it to the ground to install it and can be configured in round and other shapes randomly, with no tools or ground excavation required.
  • Multi-purpose: the vegetable trellis can be used as a garden fence, dividing wall, as well as ivy, vines, roses and other climbing plants that help in various way
  •  Easy to use and flexible installation: each piece of temporary mobile border fence can be easily connected by iron wire for easy storage; no additional tools are needed to install this garden fence fence animal fence barrier.
  • Applicable places: perfect for gardens, flower beds, gardens, paths, courtyard, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, paths, borders and lawns, fountain or vegetables, flower planting.

Garden borders are one of those details that make all the difference, those that transform your garden into a real natural gem.

With an aged iron border with a height of 18 cm, you bring a more decorative aspect to your exterior. Its falsely old allure, reinforced by pretty patterns with a sanded appearance, creates a real coherence with the grass and the surrounding plants, unlike the more modern borders which we can blame for a slightly outdated look.

No maintenance will be required once the curb has been anchored in your floor. Thanks to the interlocking junction system, you will give your border the shape you want, configuring the angles as you wish. As the material is flexible, you can opt for a rigid or more curved appearance. Shade the whole according to your desire in order to give your garden a most harmonious appearance… Also note that the weather presents no danger since the material is designed not to rust and to resist UV ! Reason why these borders are ultra-resistant and endure without problem the test of years.

Are you afraid of fighting to install them? Think again: it’s child’s play. You just need to weed a little and push the barrier into the ground, at the height you want. The hanging system is reliable and very practical, and the installation requires no tools.

You will have the possibility of creating very distinct spaces in your garden and thus of embellishing it thanks to a garden border in raw galvanized steel. It will allow you to put order in your exterior, to delimit your flower beds and flowerbeds, garden paths, lawns and even the contours of your trees.

With their very contemporary design , these rectilinear metal borders are sold individually, with 14 cm in height and 1.17 m in length which will allow you to easily surround your sublime flower beds in order to protect them without you ruin . You will be able to take care of your flower beds while giving a modern and design look to your garden. The steel is 1 mm thick, which will give you the discretion you want while giving you a feeling of solidity thanks to its material. It should be noted that the edges of the steel are not sharp due to a fold over the top of the edge.

Furthermore, these garden borders, of raw galvanized steel color, are very advantageous by their suppleness and their flexibility . Indeed, you can choose to install them straight as curved, and even create the shapes of your choice. You will just have to fold them with ease and attach them to each other by a male-female attachment system by interlocking. In addition, an articulated part will allow you to create angles between 0 and 180 °. Very easy to install , you will only have to push them into a weeded lawn and a leveled ground. Finally, your edges in galvanized galvanized steel assure you a very long durability over time and will not rust, whatever the weather.

This metal lawn border therefore offers many advantages:

Soft and flexible : This garden border is installed as well in a straight line as in a curved line. Indeed it can be easily folded to create original shapes, rounded or square, around trees or flower beds. On the other hand, the metal border has at their ends a rim which allows a junction by interlocking and an articulated part giving the possibility of making adjustable angles (from 0 to 180 °). You can thus create original figures in your lawn (triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon …).
Easy to install: It is enough to weed and level the ground at the limit of the lawn and the massif then to push the edge of the lawn into the soil at the desired height.
Resistant and reliable over time : Made of galvanized galvanized steel, this garden border has the distinction of being covered with a UV-resistant polyester paint, aged iron color, ensuring a constant color over time.
Original and decorative : Original and design touch, you will make you envious!

Once again, earth, gravel and mulch invade your lawn or your driveways! Yet you dream of creating and landscaping beautiful, neat and chic garden paths, of structuring your plantations, of delimiting your flowerbeds and flower beds, your vegetable patch … The corrugated steel garden border in anthracite gray color is the ideal solution. 

In addition to its practicality of separating spaces and retaining soil, this border will bring the final touch to your garden layout. The gray color and the wavy pattern will underline an original touch of cheerfulness, lightness and elegance in your garden.

This gray metal garden border offers many advantages:

Soft and flexible : Galvanized steel is a flexible material which allows the border to bend easily, creating original shapes according to your wishes. Their flexibility offers possibilities of installation in undulation, in triangle, in square, in rectangle … and even in complete circle around a tree for example.
Simple hanging system : The borders have at their ends a rim which allows a junction by interlocking and an articulated part giving the possibility of making adjustable angles from 0 to 180 °.

The “+” Garden and Seasons: 

+ Easy and practical hanging system
+ Simple installation without tools
+ Cut-resistant edge
+ Get the angle you want to create original shapes
Durable and maintenance-free    

We offer our main list of the best garden borders for those who want to make the right purchase. We have carefully tested hundreds of tests and selected the best ones so that you can fully rely on this ranking.

During the process of creating the list of the best garden borders, we reviewed thousands of user reviews and compared thousands of products from different manufacturers. We classify each garden border according to its quality / price ratio, therefore the list includes products at low, medium and high prices. However, take some time to read our buying advice if you wish to place an order for a truly exceptional product.


This kind of fence is made from environmental protection material, suitable for courtyard, garden, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and other places, simple and elegant. Nice gifts for kids etc, meanwhile increase the art for your kids’ home. Your kid’s home will have a new look.

 Color: Black.

– Material: Plastic.

– Dimension: 24.4 inch x 6.2 inch x 0.4 inch.

– One set includes 6 pieces fence.
– Fit for mini succulents, potted, decorate home or furnishings, small decorative gardening.
– Perfect for any miniature garden, mini house or shadowbox scene.
– Perfect addition to your holiday displays.
– Nice gifts for kids etc, meanwhile increase the art for your kids’ home.

  • Premium material: the perfect addition to your holiday displays. White fence made of environmentally friendly material, suitable for courtyards, garden fences, restaurants, hotels, guest houses and other high-rise buildings. Decorative fence, simple and elegant.
  • 4 size: four sizes are optional; It is free to connect any type of fence.
  • No corrosion: plastic material does not absorb moisture, so the surface does not form bubbles, does not peel, does not corrode and rot.
  • Widely used: great miniature fence for fairytale gardens or a dollhouse Christmas tree.
  • DIY product: With the flexible border elements you can create any shape you want.


Can i cut it to fit space and curve it?


Yes You can cut it and curve it to fit in the space You want


Can I purchase two more sections of the 23 x 6 fencing to go with the full pack of 6 sections ? I need 8 total


No I believe just a full pack


will the stakes rust ?


have had mine for over year no rusting yet.


Can the metal spikes be removed?


They come with the spikes separate You install as many as You want


what is the each piece size? not clear from description


Each piece is about 18 inches long. They work well.

Top of Form


is the product full plastic or is it hollow in the back ?


The plastic sections are thin plastic finished in the front; you attach the metal spikes to holes in the bottom edge. They’re attractive and functional.

Customer reviews

Perfect garden fencing to keep mulch in the garden and off the sidewalk. This fencing is simple to run one section into the next, and also is flexible enough to turn a corner if needed. It also has a nice full coverage at the bottom which most fencing lacks – which is why this works so well with keeping the mulch where It belongs! It looks fantastic and we’ve gotten compliments from all who see it. I love that the stakes are metal, vs plastic on many other garden fencing, which makes it very easy to push in the ground.

We love it so much, I purchased a second set to put around our a/c condensing unit to keep mulch from being spilled too close to the base (which would restrict airflow).

I have a kidney shaped raised garden, so I needed fencing that is flexible. This works great for me. I also wanted something very easy to use and install, but still looks nice. This product fit all my purposes. I have to use a taller rabbit fence, which I hate, but now the garden area looks so much prettier with this added to it.

I have always liked to plant flowers and plants. I put some dirt on the top of the building. It’s not good to look at it. I bought this fence and came back around. The garden is beautiful and neat, the fence is very good, and like the description.

Even though this is made of recycled which is awesome this is a very well put together item. I love the fact that it can be conformed to a complete circle if need be to go around a tree, bush etc. I ran mine just as a border and ended up ordering a 2nd set. Thanks, Bill

This stuff is so flimsy I couldn’t even get the first box all installed. While gently pushing the first peg in the ground it busted right up through the cheap plastic holder when it hit a tiny rock . It happened on four out of 15 of the first sets of 4 pieces of fence I installed so I gave up and quit while I was ahead. Junk Junk Junk

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