Heavy Duty Nylon Netting for Bird

Bird Netting 50′ X 50′ Heavy Duty Nylon Netting for Bird, Poultry,Deer and Other Pests 1″ Square Mesh Size Garden Netting to Protect Fruit Trees, Plants and Vegetables (50’×50′-1”)

A bird protection network is primarily used to secure trees and shrubs in your own garden. In this article we explain to you whether such a network is dangerous and what alternatives there are.

Bird protection net – they are used for this

A bird protection net is used to protect certain places in the garden from birds. Birds like to help themselves with shrubs and trees when they find something edible there and keep coming back. The net is hung over the bushes or trees, so the birds can no longer use it so easily.

However, these nets can also be dangerous for birds. In the worst case, a bird gets tangled, can no longer free itself and slowly dies. That’s why you should make a decision – bright bird protection nets are more visible to the birds, so they can scare you from a distance. Of course, this means that you can see them better. Dark nets are less noticeable, which can also be fatal to the birds.

There are also alternatives that can do less damage to a bird. This includes everything that a bird recognizes from a distance and does not occur in nature. Be it a good old scarecrow, colorful ribbons and wind turbines or a plastic raven.

Bird protection net

The bird protection net protects your trees, shrubs and beds from birds. The net is robust, particularly tearproof and weatherproof. The net is single-meshed, so it is guaranteed that birds cannot get caught in it so easily. It can also be used in many other situations, for example as a cover for small animal enclosures or as a pond net to protect against leaves. The net is available in many different sizes, a net measuring two meters by ten meters is available from around 11 euros.

The reviewers primarily praised the good quality of this product, as the net is very tear-resistant but can still be easily cut. The mesh size is chosen so that it can keep birds away and it is almost invisible.


If you are looking for quality fishing nets, you have come to the right place. We manufacture our fishing nets in Indonesia under the strictest quality controls using the fishing nets that make the machines with the latest technology.

Why are our fishing nets better?

  • We use 100% pure raw materials for making our fishing nets.
  • We not only manufacture fishing nets, but also the twine, making use of a special procedure that colors the twine when it is expelled.
  • While the string is previously colored, our fishing nets are not dyed after they are produced. The result is a homogeneous color of the fishing nets without the clearest tone on the knots.
  • The knots of our fishing nets are very strong and do not slide.
  • The mesh along our fishing nets is completely uniform.
  • We constantly renew our equipment to maintain our quality standards
  • Our fishing nets are tough and robust. We manufacture and supply them in a wide variety of twine diameters and colors, free of knots, single or double knot, different selvedges and personal size mesh and size
  • 【Heavy Duty Bird Netting】 Made of nylon multifilament net which is UV-proof, our lightweight but heavy duty bird net won’t tangle and tear easily, highly durable and reusable, stronger than plastic, so you can use over and over again, season after season.
  • 【Effective Protection】Our 2.4 inch mesh size provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals or interfering with plant growth. Unlike a chemical repellent spray, bird netting as an outdoor cover like a fence, bird proof barrier is a physical barrier, which is wildlife friendly stops animals from damaging garden areas.
  • 【Easy To Install】The garden net is easy to to install and trim to desired size for various applications. It not only can be cut to size without fraying to suit multiple garden / poultry purposes, also can be used with garden fencing, a fence screen or as a temporary measure.
  • 【Muitiple Use】This orchard net is used as an outdoor cover ideal for blueberry, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, fig, cherry and other fruit trees , koi pond, chicken coops, etc. Don’t let birds, deer and other wildlife ruin your harvest and feast on your produce before.
  • 【100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee】We insist on supplying high quality product and best service, we also provide 30 days no reason to return or replace and 5 years warranty . If there is any problem with our poultry netting, please feel free to contact us, our customer support team is ready to help.
  • Wildlife-friendly — Don’t harm your birds, bird netting as an outside ceiling like a fence. In contrast to a chemical-repellent spray, bird-watching barrier is animal-friendly.
  • Can be cut – It’s soft, easy to set up, pack and cut. Can be cut without fringes to suit different gardening purposes.
  • Do not absorb wade — Can be used with a garden fence, a fence or as a temporary measure
  • Will not rotate in sunlight — It is very strong that it can last up to two decades.
  • Wildlife-friendly — Don’t harm your birds, bird netting as an outside ceiling like a fence. In contrast to a chemical-repellent spray, bird-watching barrier is animal-friendly.

Product descriptions


  • Used to protect valuable crops against pigeons or to prevent or fight wild invasions in an urban environment.
  • Our bird net helps you to protect your garden so that birds do not eat your vegetation and fruit, berries, flowers.
  • Do not harm your birds, bird netting as an outside ceiling like a fence. In contrast to a chemical-repellent spray, bird-watching barrier is animal-friendly.
  • It is soft, easy to set up, pack and cut. Can be cut without fringes to suit different gardening purposes. Can be used with garden fences, fencing or as a temporary measure.
  • Very strong can take up to two decades.
  • Made of tough and durable nylon multifilament net , this bird net easily installed and stored so you can use it year after year.
  • The fruit tree netting with 1inch mesh provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals or interfering with plant growth.
  • It suitable for garden , koi pond or poultry purposes and protects your fruit/tree/crops from bird intruders.
  • Our lightweight but heavy duty mesh bird net is easy to to install and trim to desired size for various applications.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee work for you.


Color: Black
Material: Made of Nylon Multifilament
Size: 50’x 50′ overall size
Mesh Size: 1″ Square Mesh Size

In order to achieve a good harvest, it is important to secure the garden beds against birds. With strawberries and cherries, up to 40 to 60% of the harvest is destroyed by bird feed.
If the plants and trees are covered with bird protection nets, this can be prevented. Spreading and removing the garden nets is easy. You can put the nets directly on the plants. Fine meshed against sparrows and other small birds with a mesh size of 12mm x 12mm or large meshed against starlings and larger birds with a mesh size of 40mm x 40mm. 
The net construction guarantees in the best possible way that the birds do not get caught in the nets. These nets pollute neither the soil nor the air and are 100% recyclable.

Due to the production process this netting is being produced and heat set in the length direction. In case you want a cut from the length please state the required length in metres. The length is measured with stretched (closed) meshes. Please keep in mind that with opened meshes the netting gets up to 30 % shorter.

Knotless netting has a smooth surface. As skins and scales of fishes can’t get hurt this is an ideal material for manufacturing fish cages (pens), landing nets, beach seines and other fishing gear for aqua culture.

In general all netting is being produced with diamond shape meshes. If required this netting can be cut to square mesh shape. Diagonal joining seams would have to be accepted.

Protection nets for the garden

Find out below what you use the various protective nets for at home and in the garden and what advantages the nets bring.

In the garden and household, protective nets are practical helpers when it comes to safety for people and animals as well as for plant protection: garden nets protect plants and lawn from voracious birds, pests and moles, offer wind and privacy protection and protect children and adults from falling into the garden pond.

Animal welfare networks

You can use nets in the garden or on the balcony, for example, to protect your animals from predators and falls. Conversely, you use animal protection nets to protect crops and facades from animals. Depending on the size of the animals you want to protect or against which you want to protect, select protective nets in various mesh sizes

Bird protection nets

Bird protection nets can be attached to fruit trees or vegetable beds in the garden, for example , to protect your harvest from being eaten by birds. If you have poultry such as chickens or geese in the garden, you can use a protective net to protect the animals from predators during free access. You can also attach protective nets to balconies to prevent pets such as birds or cats from escaping across the balcony and to protect them from falling down. Optimally tailored to the size of your balcony or garden, you can buy bird protection nets from us to your individual dimensions.

Pond nets

Safety nets for people span the pond to prevent animals, children or adults from falling into the pond. The pond cover nets from Schutznetze24 are all stable enough to safely catch adult people if correctly installed. With regard to the size and material thickness of the safety net, make sure that the net has a certain amount of self-expansion under load , which if possible does not extend below the surface of the water. We will be happy to advise you on questions regarding the size of the nets and the expansion of the nets.

Leaf nets span the pond to protect it from falling leaves. With a foliage protection net you save work when cleaning the pond. You can easily leave our protective nets stretched over the pond in winter. The durable polypropylene nets are ideally designed for years of contact with water thanks to their high weather and UV resistance.

Plant nets

The plant nets include nets to protect plants such as fruit tree nets, but also trellis nets to support vegetable and climbing plants, as well as harvest nets and lawn protection nets.

Harvest nets

On the other hand, you put harvest nets around the fruit trees or stretch them just above the ground to make harvesting easier. The fruits just fall onto the net and you only have to catch up with the harvesting net instead of collecting the fruits individually from the ground. This saves both time and effort. In addition, the garden nets ensure that the fruit is not damaged by the impact when it falls on the ground.


Trellis nets are used in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony or on facades to give ornamental and vegetable plants the opportunity to hold on to them while growing. If plants such as tomatoes can grow tall with the help of trellises, the crops make better use of the space available to them – this often means higher yields. Fine-mesh, knotless plant nets are particularly useful as an aid for small plants. Our networks are optimally tailored to the needs of these crops.

Lawn protection fabrics and mole nets

Lawn protection fabrics are used in your garden to protect the lawn from frost, heat and vermin. Moles can also be prevented from digging in your garden in this way: thanks to the lawn net, you can no longer bump through the turf when digging and look for other ways to the surface of the earth.

Simply lay the lawn protection fabric on your lawn and attach it to the edges, for example with pegs and ground anchors. With their natural color, the green grass nets from Schutznetze24 are hardly noticeable on your lawn. The garden nets are also weatherproof for many years and can be washed off if necessary.

Privacy nets for the garden

For more privacy in the garden, it is advisable to install a privacy  on the fence. You can get privacy screens from us in different colors, so that you can choose a network that best matches the look of your garden and terrace. The privacy nets made of polypropylene knitted fabric are also suitable as wind protection , but are at the same time permeable to air and do not inflate in the wind. In addition, the nets provide shade and can therefore also be used well on terraces or balconies.

Protective nets for the household

Animal welfare nets in the house

Animal protection nets in the house are particularly suitable for cats and birds. If your cats like to breathe fresh air on the balcony, secure the balcony with a cat protection net so that the animals can play safely on the balcony. In the house, you can use cat protection nets for roof windows, for example, so that your cats do not climb onto the unsecured roof even when the window is open. Our cat protection nets are made of tear-resistant polypropylene without wire rope reinforcement so that the cats cannot get injured. At the same time, the nets easily withstand attacks and climbing experiments by the cats.

Bird protection nets are used in a similar way in the house . If you keep birds in your house or apartment, they can fly around safely in the room if the balcony and window are secured with protective nets. Animal protection nets for the household in various thicknesses and mesh sizes can be found at Schutznetze24 in prefabricated sizes or individually made to measure.

Personal protection nets in the house

Some areas in the house and apartment pose security risks – especially for children and the elderly.  For example,

  •  Loft bed nets
  •  Balcony safety nets
  •  Play area safety nets
  •  Stairway safety nets

Thanks to individual customization, you can optimally adapt all these networks to the corresponding areas in the house. The safety nets are so stable that they can easily catch a falling adult – so your children are more than safe from falling from balconies, loft beds, etc.

Home and garden protection nets: accessories and residual items

So that you can properly tension and install all protective nets around the house and garden, you can also buy the right accessories for the net in the Schutznetze24 shop. You will receive, among other things:

  •  Ropes
  •  Eyelets
  •  hook
  •  Screws
  •  Lashing straps
  •  Tension lines
  •  Assembly tools
  •  Net edge bezels

We also have a residual stock market for home and garden protection nets: Here you will find custom-made protection nets, most of which come from incorrect or overproduction. You cannot order residual stock networks via the online shop – if you are interested, send us an email or use our contact form.

Customers Reviews

Perfect net to not allow access to pigeons. Very, very resistant, equipped with a colored guide wire that facilitates assembly. I easily mounted it on an 8mt long terrace. From the outside it is not even seen as being transparent, it becomes invisible. Excellent purchase. I highly recommend it!

In our study there is a large terrace used as a warehouse, perpetually visited by pigeon families who seem to have always ignored other types of bollards. Finally with this sturdy and light net, I keep them out

Light and resistant, the size covers my balcony which is more than 10 meters long. it is necessary to fix it with supports that are not included even at the cost of creating them with wall plugs and to keep it stretched out in my case I weighed it down with clothespins; not the best for aesthetics!.

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