Large Bird Cage Aviary

Tidyard Outdoor Indoor Large Bird Cage Aviary Pet House Aluminum 72″x70.1″x76.4″

  • This versatile bird aviary has multiple uses: playing, exercising, training, or simply keeping your birds safe, making it a paradise for your feathered friends.
  • This high-quality bird aviary provides ample exercise space for your birds while the aluminum wire mesh helps prevent mischief and unexpected accidents.
  • The construction of the aluminum wire grid ensures you have an excellent view of your birds as well as giving the birds plenty of fresh air.
  • Thanks to the sturdy and maintenance-free aluminum construction and its heavy-duty hinged door, this walk-in aviary is built to last.
  • Assembly is really easy. Fast delivery, domestic delivery, usually 3 to 7 days
  • This aviary is versatile: for playing, practicing, training or just to bring your birds to safety – a real paradise for your feathered friends!
  • This high-quality aviary offers birds plenty of practice space, while the aluminum wire helps prevent damage and unexpected accidents.
  • The construction of the aluminum wire mesh gives you the possibility that you always have your birds in view and at the same time offers the birds enough fresh air.
  • Thanks to the robust and maintenance-free aluminum construction, this walk-through aviary with its heavy-duty door is really durable.

Aviaries are still the ultimate in bird husbandry, especially when there are several birds. The term “aviary” comes from the French (“volière”) and refers to a large bird cage that offers the opportunity for free flight. In this respect, aviaries, regardless of their size, have the decisive advantage for the bird that it can move freely and well.

If the bird is happy, it is also the person who can happily watch the bird or birds while playing or singing. In addition, the large aviaries in the garden offer better opportunities for keeping them clean and also reproductive opportunities for the birds themselves thanks to a large amount of space.

Aviary shapes and types

The creativity of the former bird aviary farmer produced various shapes and sizes . There are bird aviary models for indoor use, which can be set up in the house, and bird aviaries for outdoor use, which are mainly used in private gardens, but also in parks.

However, one thing is different nowadays – all kinds of birds up to large parrots have long been kept in aviaries. Starting with the tiny zebra finches, through the above-mentioned canaries, budgerigars, pygmy parrots to the feathered inhabitants of the Amazon basin.

The bigger and stronger the bird, the more stable only the bird aviary has to be. Such a parrot can not only crack nuts with its strong beak. Fortunately, there are a variety of bird aviary models available today. You can even order them online.

Outdoor aviaries (also called free-aviaries)

The outdoor aviary is set up in private gardens, but also in parks and public bird parks . The outdoor aviary mostly consists of a large outdoor area and a smaller indoor area that can be haunted by the birds when the weather is bad or it is cold.

For the construction of an outdoor aviary, individual manual work is usually required, since the available space and the requirements for the outdoor aviary are very individual.

Inside aviaries

the inside aviary is a counterpart to the outside aviary, but no weather-dependent shelter is needed. Nevertheless, an inside aviary roughly corresponds to the dimensions of the outside area of ​​an outside aviary. It therefore offers the birds in their own (admittedly large) four walls a good opportunity for free flight and possibly also a small retreat.


Aviaries are very large cages for the comfortable keeping of even several birds. As it should be in an “aviary” by definition, one should Rooms aviary also the birds allow a free flight. Large birds, such as parakeets, parrots, etc., usually have large standing cages with enough space.

Usually, however, indoor aviaries are bought for smaller birds such as canaries or finches. The large cages act as part of the furniture, including the plant inside, as a natural climbing opportunity.

The design and equipment of these aviaries is very different. There are high-quality models in XXL format , made of spruce wood , with swiveling feed counters . This is particularly important for keeping parrots and makes it much easier to keep the bird aviary clean. Large birds in particular can make a lot of dirt, as every experienced keeper will confirm. In a sufficiently large bird aviary, fodder husks, nutshells and pieces of fruit tend to stay where they belong, namely inside the cage. And can be easily disposed of later using the feed counter mentioned above.




History of the aviary

It was well over 500 years ago that monks first came up with the idea of keeping and breeding canaries in cages . The custom then gradually spread, and the first “private people” began to imitate the monks.

One day, the chirping yellow birds came to Europe on sailing ships, from the Canary Islands via Spain and to other countries. The cute little animals were particularly loved in England, France and Italy. The birds came as far as Imst in Tyrol, and carters brought them with them. 

And the Tyroleans briskly bred and sold. Or better said: Above all, they exported, as they quickly recognized it – it was a very profitable business. Aviculture started to bloom.

At the same time, a new guild developed, namely the production of bird farmers . After all, the animals had to be housed somewhere. They also wanted to be able to admire them and listen to their singing . On top of that, canaries are particularly pronounced swarm animals, you should never keep them individually. That would be cruelty to animals. So you needed bigger cages, and that’s how it really started. The first large aviaries with chirping content soon reached cargo ships as far as Australia and South America, South Africa and New York, all around the world.

Considerations before buying an aviary

You should consider the following before you buy an aviary.

  • How big must the aviary be to accommodate all of my birds comfortably?
  • Depending on the size requirement may entail outdoor aviary more sense?
  • Does the aviary stand for inside the living room? Does it fit externally with the furnishings? Possibly. there are also aviaries in different wood tones that match the furnishings better.
  • Are there important accessories for the aviary at home, such as sticks, bowls, potions, etc.?
  • How easy is it to clean the aviary? Are lateral connectors planned to make it easier to remove the bottom of the aviary?
  • Are the bars made of stable material? Depending on the size of the aviary (parrots!), More stable rods must be considered.
  • Is the room aviary mobile as easy to move? Is a certain mobility important? Then make sure
    that the aviary has a mobile lower part
  • Is the price of the room aviary plus all accessories still within your budget?
  • What do former buyers of the aviary have to report that you have shortlisted?

Aviaries for outdoors are of course  primarily suitable for birds . But other small animals such as  hamsters, squirrels and gerbils also feel at home in them . In summer, budgies and canaries can be accommodated outside, and parrots also love a generously designed aviary outdoors.

Bird aviaries are particularly practical  for outdoors  with rollers . If necessary, these can be easily moved from one place to another. Depending on the version, aviaries have an exchangeable base that can be easily removed from the aviary. This makes cleaning easier. Versatile accessories are also popular with the feathered inhabitants. This includes perches, swings, nests and ladders as well as different versions of bird baths.

Instructions for building a bird aviary yourself

Many bird owners dream of having their own aviary for outdoors . To make this possible, you can build a simple aviary yourself. With the instructions below, you can build an aviary with the external dimensions 1 mx 0.5 mx 1.5 m (L x W x H) without a floor to set up in the garden . A floor can simply be screwed under it later. The aviary has two flaps. A small flap in the upper area, through which the birds can fly in and out, and a large flap in the lower area, which gives you access to clean the cage.

List of materials for the construction of an aviary

  • 22 m slats, cross section 5 x 3 cm
  • 50 3.5 x 50 wood screws
  • 25 wood screws 4 x 70
  • Top flap: 2 hinge (20-30 mm) including screws
  • Flap below: 2 large hinges (40-50 mm) including screws
  • 5 m aviary wire, width 1 m, mesh 13 x 13 mm
  • Staples 1.6 x 16 mm
  • Flap for the upper door, approx. 17 x 17 cm
  • Wood glue

You need a jigsaw, a cordless screwdriver, a hammer and a side cutter to manufacture the aviary.

The construction instructions: build scaffolding for the aviary

First cut the slats to the correct length. You need six different lengths, which are as follows:

  • A. 4 x 1.50 m
  • B. 4 x 1.00 m
  • C. 6 x 44 cm
  • D. 2 x 90 cm
  • E. 2 x 89 cm
  • F. 4 x 12 cm

The B-slats need a notch on both ends. The length of the notch is 5 x 1.5 cm. This means that there is an L-shape in cross-section at the ends of the slats. After the notches have been completed, add 2 B-slats and 2 A-slats to a rectangle. This gives you a side panel measuring 1.50 mx 1.00 m. Since a total of two side parts are required, the process is repeated. Now you connect the two side parts on both sides at three points using the C-slats, which have a length of 44 cm. The C-slats are placed at the top, bottom and in the middle between the A-slats and connected in front with 2 wood screws each. In this way, the scaffold stands with the dimensions 1.50 x 1.00 x 0.50 m.

Installation of the small bird flap in the middle

The small bird flap should now be installed in the upper area of ​​the front (1.00 x 1.50 m). For this purpose, a D-slat is inserted at the desired height with a distance of 20 cm parallel to the transverse C-slat between the two A-slats. Again a screw connection from both sides with 2 screws is necessary. In the request of the double-slat construction, the two short F-slats are now installed vertically with a distance of 20 cm, so that there is a small square with an inside dimension of 12 x 12 cm and an outside dimension of 17 x 17 cm. Later (after the bird wire was inserted) the small flap with the two small hinges is screwed on so that the opening is closed by the bird flap.

Installation of the large bird flap below

For the large flap at the foot of the front of the aviary, a 23 cm D-batten must first be inserted parallel to the bottom B-batten between the A-batten. In the resulting frame, the large bird flap is used across the entire width of the front.

The bird flap is screwed together from 2 E-slats and 2 F-slats. It is important to ensure that the short F-slats are pushed between the E-slats so that the outside dimensions of the large bird flap are 22 x 89 cm. With a clearance of 1 cm, it fits into the space provided. It is attached to the lower frame with the two large hinges so that it can be easily opened upwards. If the hinges are attached to the lower frame, there is a risk that the flap will open by itself and the birds will leave the aviary unintentionally.

Attach bird wire

The bird wire is now cut to size with a side cutter and applied to the individual components with the staples. The only recess is the small bird flap in the upper area of ​​the front! Finally, the top of the cage must be closed with the wire. The wire should be fastened as tightly as possible, because it serves for stability.

Product description

This aviary is versatile: for playing, practicing, training or just to bring your birds to safety – a real paradise for your feathered friends! This high-quality aviary offers birds plenty of practice space, while the aluminum wire helps prevent damage and unexpected accidents. The construction of the aluminum wire mesh gives you the possibility that you always have your birds in view and at the same time offers the birds enough fresh air. Thanks to the robust and maintenance-free aluminum construction, this walk-through aviary with its heavy-duty door is really durable. It is so strong that it can even hold a person on the roof.

Material: Aluminium frame + aluminium wire mesh
Overall dimensions: 72″ x 70.1″ x 76.4″ (L x W x H)
Door size: 24.2″ x 63″ (W x H)
Ground surface area: 34.4 ft²
Suitable for birds

Customer questions and answers

  1. Hello, is it difficult to move the enclosure?

No, if there are two of you, you can simply lift it up and move it away. The enclosure is not difficult. If necessary, it can also be done alone – the enclosure is not difficult, just unwieldy

  • Is the product suitable for cats?

We bought it for our free cat, when he was seriously injured. He couldn’t cope with being locked up in the house. However, you have to choose a short distance between the cables ties, otherwise cats will find a way out.

Customer reviews

  1. The outdoor enclosure is qualitatively very good in terms of the linkage and the construction is quite simple. What I did not like at all is the covering with the supplied wire mesh. You have to cut this out awkwardly for rail and fasten it to the frame with cable ties. It took me a whole day to do this because there was no help. The work is not particularly complicated, but it is very time-consuming.

    I would suggest to include a nylon covering (nylon net), which is sewn in the shape of a small animal enclosure and can simply be pulled over the frame and attached. Such a solution would have received full marks from me.
  2. The enclosure is stable, but not as shown and not according to the plan. That didn’t bother us this time, but it could be a real problem … And the wire was cut too tight, it wasn’t enough for the door. Otherwise everything was fine.
  3. Quite simple, the material is plenty, the very basic instructions, a little logic will help you mount it more safely against intruders, it has work if you tie the mesh well and tie everything tightly and do not trust it to the flanges
  4. It is not the one in the photo, in the photo they put a larger one but in reality a smaller one arrives. It is true that it appears in the product description, but the photo is misleading. Otherwise, the quality, materials and assembly are easy and good.
  5. Good enclosure except for 2 screws that have come off the weld really we

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