Make your Balcony Private & Winter Proof

Your balcony is probably one of the places in your home where you spend most of your free time in warm and pleasant temperatures. Now it is time to prepare it for the winter conditions. You probably know the balconies that did not use this service – they looked accordingly. Half-empty plant pots or rust spots on the floor – pictures that you are sure to be familiar with. However, we want to save you this view from your balcony and have created a checklist so that you have to do less preparatory work for the summer next spring.

Protect wooden or clay pots from frost

All plant containers that you do not need in winter must always be removed from the balcony. Any unnecessary storage in the cold season does not make the pots better and, in the worst case, can destroy them if water freezes inside.
Therefore : Remove empty pots from the balcony or from your balcony railing and ideally put them in the basement or in a place where winter frost is not expected.

What to do with raised beds & container plants?

Your raised bed is now on the balcony and is exposed to winter temperatures. They won’t do much harm either. Nevertheless, we advise you to clear out the entire earth and then cover the raised bed with a fleece. For potted plants that are on the balcony during the winter, it is advisable to wrap the pots with fleece or a jute layer (binds colored burlap around the pot and it looks visually more appealing).
Furthermore, it may well be necessary to water the plants if the drought persists. Generally place them close to the house wall to protect them from the wind.
If you place your plants inside your house, water them at regular intervals, but not too much – you should also avoid fertilizing.

Empty watering cans & water inlet

It is very practical to be able to water the balcony plants with the help of your water inlet. But be careful: if there is still water in your utensils (hose, watering can, etc.) and the temperature settles below 0 degrees, there is a great risk that you will have to look around for new irrigation options. The frozen water expands & it is possible that all materials cannot withstand this pressure. It is nothing more annoying than to discover broken balcony utensils in spring that worked perfectly in the past year. Don’t forget to clean your materials before wintering.

Winter parasols

Your parasols and sails did their job successfully in summer – the more they deserve to get through the winter. Therefore, make sure that no moisture has formed and everything is dry as dust, even in the parasol stand. So you prevent mold.

Winter balcony furniture

On warm summer days it is still irreplaceable that the balcony furniture including its cushions can be stowed away well over the winter months. The furniture itself is probably too big to change your place. Even so, you may be able to put them on a pallet to protect them from moisture and snow. You can stow the cushions in your garden box so that they are protected from moisture and frost.

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Model: Gloriette

Make the grill winter-proof

The griller should not be neglected either. Still a guarantee of delicacies in the summer, it must now be wintered properly. Clean all components first – best you stick to the operating instructions of your respective device. If it is outside in winter, we recommend a protective hood to protect it. You can increase the longevity of your griller even better if you place it in the garden shed – so you can enjoy barbecuing again next year.

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