Modern Fence ideas for your home

Fences are the calling card of your home. They give a first impression of the house and its residents. The design ideas for your fence are as diverse as the houses behind the fence. With a modern fence you complement the style of your house and garden.

The first impression

A fence should match the design style of the house and garden and create a harmonious overall appearance. The variety of materials from metal / aluminum in cool tones to wood, WPC, glass, concrete or plastic to gabions and walls opens up a multitude of design options. Different materials can be easily combined to create modern privacy screens.

Ideas for metal fences

  • Metal fences have a modern look due to their cool look and feel and do not go out of style.
  • They offer stability and are aesthetic at the same time.
A fence serves as a privacy screen made of metal in anthracite

Dark metal privacy screen – the large, straightforward format of the aluminum fence with decorative metal edging in the trend color anthracite gives the garden a modern look. For those who are looking for a reduced elegance for their garden.

A fence in rust look serves as a privacy screen
Modern rust – the color “precious rust” is an absolute eye-catcher, unique and totally trendy.
Black fence on a front yard with mailbox and a flower bed in the background

Inviting and stable – this stylish metal fence combines simple shapes with decorative circular ornaments. Its elegance is hidden in the details, adapts wonderfully to its surroundings and gives it its very own charm. The high-quality aluminum components are provided with a plastic coating in matt black.

Ideas for wooden fences

  • The variety of colors of wooden privacy screens results from the types of wood from which the elements are made and from their different surface treatments and finishes.
  • As a natural material, wood needs maintenance so that it stays beautiful for a long time outdoors.
  • A timeless classic that fits in almost every garden.
  • Favorable in relation to other materials.
Fence made of light wood with varying heights serves as a privacy screen in front of a lawn with daisies

The classic – wooden fences look modern when simple, straight wooden slats are used. They are an ideal addition to the modern house facade.

Pregrayed wood fence stands on a lawn as a privacy screen to the neighbors

Pre-greyed garden fences – a trendy shabby-chic look for your modern garden. The transition to natural graying takes place almost invisibly and no post-treatment is necessary.

A wooden fence in anthracite serves as a privacy screen
Clear lines – a lacquered privacy fence scores with simple elegance. The color scheme in gray or anthracite makes it a special design element.
Fence in anthracite, gray, pine and reddish brown

Wide range of colors – combined with light plastic elements, different types of wood come into their own in different ways. Trend colors such as anthracite, gray, reddish brown or pine are conceivable. No matter what demands you make on your garden style, with a wooden fence you have many design options. A targeted use of materials lets light through in the right places.

Ideas for WPC fences

  • WPC (English for: “Wood-Plastic-Composites”) is a composite material that is made from different proportions of wood, plastics and additives.
  • Therefore, WPC offers the advantage of a wood look, but is easier to maintain than “normal” wooden fences.
  • WPC fences offer a wider range of colors than wooden fences.
A fence made of WPC in anthracite serves as a privacy screen

Materials cleverly combined – thanks to the variety of colors of WPC fences, they can be easily combined with metals such as aluminum. In this example, the slats are installed overlapping, which loosens the privacy screen.

Gray fence made of WPC serves as a privacy screen in front of a lawn

Straight continuity – WPC fences are also available in large straight lines. In combination with gray color, this creates a modern style.

Design trend glass fence

  • Glass fences are made of transparent or frosted (milk) glass. A combination of the two glasses is also easily possible.
  • They look high-quality, elegant, simple and cool, making glass fences particularly well suited for design houses, city villas or the like.
  • The entire property receives more light and the modern, puristic design makes it open and inviting.
A glass fence serves as a privacy screen between two plots, but still lets light fall on the lawn

Maximum light – with transparent glass fences you can enjoy an unrestricted panoramic view.

A fence made of frosted glass serves as a privacy screen to the neighbors
Quite opaque – privacy is guaranteed with frosted glass, without having to do without a garden flooded with light.

Ideas for concrete fences

  • Concrete fences impress with their cool elegance and minimalism.
  • The great advantage of concrete fences is their long durability and that they reduce noise particularly well.
A concrete fence serves as a privacy screen on a lawn with trees in the background

More than just gray – robust, easy to care for and therefore in demand. A concrete fence with large formats is simple and classic. This look creates a cool elegance in your garden.

A pool with garden furniture and a barbecue on a bed in front of a privacy screen plastered with concrete

A real jack of all trades – a plastered concrete wall offers a variety of design options. It can be painted in any color to match your garden design. The straight, hard plastered edges of the fence give a particularly puristic look. White fences convey modern freshness and elegance.

Ideas for plastic fences

  • Plastic fences are weather and UV resistant.
  • High-quality plastic fences are available in many designs and colors, and plastic offers a particularly large variety of structures – whether smooth, with fabric or slats
Black plastic fence with varying heights serves as a privacy screen in front of a lawn

Simply connect – an interesting mix of plastic materials with a textile fabric look combined with an elegant aluminum frame gives the fence an exciting look. Additional patio furniture and, for example, flower pots can be added.

A fence made of white plastic serves as a privacy screen

White widths – this plastic fence impresses with the modern design of straight struts and the uniform, radiant white of the horizontal profiles, which are loosened up by aluminum struts.

Gabion ideas

  • Gabions have been the trend towards privacy protection in recent years and stand for stylish and puristic garden design.
  • The different filling options result in individual designs. There are hardly any limits to creativity – so your privacy screen becomes an eye-catcher.
  • The combination of metal and stone makes the gabions particularly easy to care for, weatherproof and durable.
A patterned, gray gabion serves as a screen

Individual and diverse – gabions offer many design options. The different stone colors and shapes allow you to achieve high-contrast and individual patterns in the gabion. With different heights, the gabion gets even more sophistication.

A front garden with a privacy screen in the form of a white gabion in combination with a hedge

Versatile – combinations with gabions have an individual, inviting and relaxing effect, especially in the front yard. A real all-round talent – whether with metal, hedge, plastered concrete or wood.

Ideas for walls

  • Brick has a simple and simple look.
  • Once erected, walls are very easy to maintain and are characterized by their stability and straightness.
A privacy screen consisting of a gray wall

Stone on stone – a stone wall is a privacy screen idea for lovers of classic shapes and rustic modernity. Brick is suitable for attractive design around the house and offers a variety of support options.

Front yard with a gray wall as a boundary to the house and the cobbled path
Stable and secure – a brick front yard fence looks classy and can be set up as desired. Whether with small towers or in other creative forms. Individual needs can be taken into account by deciding for yourself how much insight into the garden you want to grant and which forms you want to implement.
Front yard with a fence made of metal and wall
A real eye-catcher – in combination with metal fence elements you create an exciting and modern character with an appealing mix of materials.

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