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For most of us, building our own home is probably the biggest investment we make in our lives. This goes hand in hand not only with questions of financing and location, but also, in particular, questions of design and furnishings. To this end, builders are under particular pressure. Decisions are pending practically all the time. How many sockets do we need in the bathroom? How many children’s rooms? Prefer carpeting or parquet on the floor in the living room? And this list could go on forever. There is only one means for all of us against this pressure to make decisions – preparation. “Shopping” for the home builder is called samplingand the better you prepare for this appointment, the less stress you have afterwards. Today we give you a few tips on how to master this appointment with flying colors.

Before the appointment

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Before your sampling date: get ideas and inspiration wherever you can
  1. Inspiration is everything. If you go into the sampling completely without your own ideas and ideas, this day will most likely be an ordeal. Therefore, visit the prefabricated house exhibition , have a look at Pinterest for design and architecture ideas or ask your house manufacturer whether you can already see finished houses and properties. On this occasion you can also exchange experiences with previous customers of your manufacturer.
  2. Put together a questionnaire. No matter how banal your questions appear to you, write them down and present them to your advisor. This can include questions about standard heights for sockets or toilets. But you have elementary questions such as what is part of the “basic equipment” of your house. Customers often express special requests that are not, or take things for granted, which may then result in not inconsiderable additional costs.
  3. The choice of flooring and the design of the walls are often underestimated. Each floor has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is warm, cold, loud, quiet, difficult or easy to clean. Be sure to clarify your needs before the sampling date and maybe bring a sample of your favorite surface with you. For the walls, it is crucial for do-it-yourselfers how they are plastered. Not every plaster can be loaded equally. You can only delete some varieties, others even get along with heavy wallpapers and tiles. Also asks about the height included in the basic price up to which the tiles, for example in the bathroom, are raised.
  4. One thing that will accompany you for many decades, like your floor and walls, is your stairs. Everyone in your house will use them several times a day. It has to be cleaned, it has to be safe and you still like it after decades. Therefore our appeal to you, do not neglect this inconspicuous piece of furniture. Here too there are already a wide variety of design and covering options. The 0-8-15 quick build variant from the hardware store has had its day.Take the time to plan all connections
  5. The detailed planning of your connections is particularly delicate. This is usually the biggest challenge for your nerves. Installation and electrical work are expensive. Subsequent changes time and cost intensive. For this reason, your commitment here is particularly worthwhile. We can roughly say that it is better to plan an outlet more than too little. Get a rough idea of ​​where TVs, computers, kitchen appliances, etc. should find their place. Plan additional space behind the devices in the kitchen and bathroom. Hoses, cables, etc. also need their space. And you can practically forget the obligatory cable on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Only in very few cases has a lamp ever found its place there.

During the appointment

  1. Arrive a little earlier for your sampling date. Then you have enough time to look at the exhibits in peace. Write down any questions that arise and pick out some favorite pieces.
  2. Hakt exactly what belongs to the basic equipment included in the price. It’s about a lot of money, your money, there is no question unimportant, no re-explanation too much.
  3. Everything you would like to have is called sampling . Keep a close eye on your additional wishes! As with a car, unprecedented sums can quickly be accumulated here.
  4. Ask to what extent the design of your garden is included. Fences , carports , terraces , floor work and much more. This is often a particularly money-intensive item for uneven properties.Are the garden, fences, gates somehow included in the price?
  5. Are you a skilled handyman and want to do some work yourself to save money? This is also possible as part of a sampling . We advise you to do this only in certain cases. For example, works that require little specialist knowledge but are time-consuming are suitable. Time-consuming work is usually associated with low material and high labor costs. Here you have great savings potential. Plastering, laying tiles or laminate can be mastered with little practice. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is the schedule of your construction company. Appointments are fixed and generally do not tolerate postponement. It is best to leave difficult tasks such as in the sanitary and electrical sector entirely to the professionals.
  6. However, sampling samples do not always have to be worthwhile. Most manufacturers calculate their prices sharply by what is feasible. This step only makes sense if you know the usual market prices and are sure that you can do the work yourself more cheaply.
  7. The paperwork is your friend, not your enemy. The sampling protocols are not just page-long monsters. First and foremost, they are your insurance and guarantee to get what you asked for. Therefore, study each line carefully.
  8. Change requests in the protocol are recorded together with your consultant. Are you sure that everything is correct is signed and the material can be ordered.

The beginning of the year is the main season for new construction projects, so we hope to be able to fire you up a little stronger in your upcoming sampling date.

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