Steel Garden Arch

  1. GO Steel Garden Arch, 7’5” High x 3’7” Wide, Garden Arbor for Various Climbing Plant, Outdoor Garden Lawn Backyard
  • BEAUTIFUL DECORATION IN YOUR GARDEN: This large Gothic-style garden arch is an attraction in your patio and garden. The arch with climbing plants is a beautiful entry into your garden.
  • ROBUST AND DURABLE: Built with a robust tubular steel frame, this garden arch is stable and resistant. With the powder coated finish, it has the characteristic of weather resistance. It is suitable both indoors and outdoors.
  • APPLICABLE FOR MANY OCCASIONS: This multifunctional garden arch can be used on many occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and ceremony decoration. Magnificent garden arch for climbing and vine plants.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: All parts and materials are included in the packaging. With our clear instructions, it will be easy to assemble.
  • 100% SERVICE: If you are confused about the quality of the product or have other questions, you can email us and we will be happy to solve the problem for you.

This EASY ARCH wrought iron garden arch is a decorative pergola with a semicircular metal arch. Ideal for giving a note of originality to your property by creating a trellis. Do you want to bring the final touch that will make your garden harmonious and romantic? Choose a garden arch for climbing plants, which will make your walkways even more beautiful. Grow roses and other climbing vegetation, such as wisteria, ivy, vines, and other clematis on this arch made of aged iron color steel, of very high quality, and with a refined design. This arch is a real decorative element for your garden. In addition, its French manufacture ensures very high quality.

Made of steel, this garden arch for climbing plants with a slightly rusty appearance will seduce you with its curved and refined lines. Thanks to its harmonious shape, this decorative object will undoubtedly enhance your garden and your exteriors. In addition to its decorative function, this garden arch also serves as a stake for your climbing plants.

This arch made of steel and metal covered with an epoxy paint in aged iron, will ensure you a very high quality and longevity.

The semicircular Roman arch is particularly suitable for climbing ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees. The rose arch is designed to insert directly into the ground. Additional steel stands are included for this, so that the arch can go into the ground by 40 cm. The frame is fully galvanized and with a matt black polyester powder coating and is weather resistant.

It is often the case that a single arc is not enough. Multiple arches can be used to create a beautiful tunnel effect in the garden. With rose bows you can make endless creations in the garden.

The rose arch is available from 1.20 meters to 3 meters wide and in heights from 2.30 meters to 2.95 meters. It is also possible to order anchoring plates.

Very good quality rose arch. A solid and very sturdy rose arch with bendable climbing wires to guide climbing plants. This makes the use of many loose binding wires unnecessary.

The rose arch is made of solid steel that has been galvanized and after that it is provided with a beautiful dark green coating . The rose arch is very sturdy due to the full steel and cannot be compared to the rose arches that are built from hollow tubes. If this rose arch is covered with climbing roses, clematis or other climbing plants, the risk of being blown over by strong gusts is almost non-existent due to the durable and massive construction.

The design of this rose arch takes into account a large height and width where you can still walk through the rose arch once it has grown.

This double arch will be your precious ally to enhance your garden. Its discreet green color will enhance the beautiful blooms of your climbing plants. Annuals such as climbing nasturtiums, volubilis or climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, the possibilities are endless… And why not dare sumptuous associations?

At the entrance to the garden, above a gate separating two parts of the garden, above an alley, inserted in a hedge, at the entrance to a vegetable patch or simply leaning against a wall or hedge, your creativity will guide you.

Near a terrace, in front of the house, to create a beneficial shade in the heart of summer. Let us never forget that a garden is certainly a plantation, but that playing on the effects of perspective and height makes it possible to break the monotony, and to invite sweetness and dreams.

The double arch, very easy to assemble, is made of metal covered with an epoxy paint resistant to frost and UV. Maintenance is simply done with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth

  • Bring a touch of Southern charm to your yard or garden
  • Constructed of steel tubing and coated in weather-resistant black epoxy
  • Wonderful showcase for climbing vines or flowers
  • Minimal assembly required with instructions provided

Set floral accents with the stable rose arch

The climbing arch for roses ensures that your climbing roses thrive and is also an eye-catcher in your garden. Your plants climb freely on the weather-resistant steel frame. The floral elements make the rose arch a real eye-catcher. With a height of approx. 2.33 m, the climbing frame serves as a flowering archway and in the majority as a trellis or pergola. As a climbing aid, design element and garden boundary, the arch gives you a joyful display of colors. Linger under the overgrown rose arch and enjoy the idyll.

Decorative trellis roses

  • Aesthetic rose arch with floral pattern H.
  • old and shape for crops and climbersG
  • species decoration for plant care
  • Construction without drilling with plug system P
  • ul-coated tubular steel is weatherproof

Overview of rose arches

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 233 x 153 x 39 cm
  • Weighs approx.3.8 kg
  • Material: Stahl
  • Color: dark green
  • Stable climbing aid
  • Powder coated steel
  • Simple plug-in system
  • Weatherproof
  • Stylish decorations

Product description

Size:7’5” High x 3’7” Wide

This arch is constructed of smooth, sound tubular, it’s perfect for supporting lightweight climbing plants and vines or for displaying small hanging accents to create a beautiful entry into your garden. This arch will train your plants to grow through the arbor by weaving them in and out of the scrollwork as they grow and it will turn your garden into a colorful place with various flowers.

This extra-high arch offers an attractive archway for climbing plants to create a beautiful entrance to your garden.

The slightly curved structure forms an arch surmounted by Gothic-inspired arrows at each end. The horizontal bars connect the vertical sides to each other, producing a solid structure.


The Gothic garden arch provides decorative support for climbing plants

It is ideal for framing entrances, walkways and views of the garden

Made of sturdy tubular steel, weather resistant finish

Quick to assemble, simple step-by-step instructions included

Ground hole manufacturer supplied for easy mounting

1) Put it a few inches into the ground so as to keep it standing firmly. Or you can stand it up firmly in your creative way
2) Carefully read the installation guide before setting this arch up, common tools are considered for being prepared, such as flat cross screwdriver etc.
3) Arch installation is better to be done by two people, please feel free to contact us if you have any installation problem
4) Chirldren can not climp up this arch

Product information

Size:7’5” High x 3’7” Wide

Package Dimensions 36.2 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 9.2 pounds
Shipping Weight 9.5 pounds
Manufacturer 1.GO
Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars    80 ratings
3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer questions & answers

Question: How long will this last?

Answer: Not long. Very thin tubing and not at all what I thought it would be. Would not recommend.

Question: what are the tools needed to assemble this arch?

Answer:As I recall the tools are provided in the kit. It might help to have an adjustable open end wrench.

Question: Is it possible to shorten the height by omitting one of the sections or would that make it too short? I want to lessen the height by about 2 feet.

Answer: I guess you could leave off the bottom section but if you haven’t already bought it don’t bother, it is a piece of junk.

Question: What are the dimensions of this item?

Answer: 5′ side to side approximately 6′ 9″ to top of arch

Question: Does this arch have any plastic pieces?

Answer: No. No plastic. My sweet autumn clematis is climbing up it. It could use a little longer legs to press into the dirt. It has fallen over a couple times.

Question: How do you put it in the yard to make it steady?

Answer: I used short stakes and then secured the lower legs to the stakes with garden twine. I have clematis growing on each side and as the vines grow up it, that helps secure the arch. I think it is amazing for the price and it was very easy to put together.

Question: Approximately how much weight can this item manage? Seeking solution to train Bougainvillea over a walkway.

Answer: Hi, I am familiar with Bougainvillea as I grow it as well. I really don’t think this arch will handle the weight. Bougainvillea develops thick branches as it matures, as you know, and the metal frame of the arch is hollow tubing, plus the anchors are pretty flimsy. It works for my situation as it is mostly decorative

Question: what is the width

Answer: Not sure…it depends on how vertical you make the sides…I supported mine by attaching (with space)

Question: Does it need assembly and where is the installation guide?

Answer: Yes it needs assembled- been awhile so not sure if I needed directions or just followed the picture either way it was easy- I am a 67 yr. old woman. I did assemble it on its side since it is so tall but had someone help me push it into the ground.

Question: Can the bottom be stretched some to maybe 4 feet

Answer: Yes the bottom can be stretched some but not very much without making the entire Arch uneven

Customer reviews

  • Delivery quickly. There is clearly a lot of metal in the box, it rattles loudly. Upholstery was strictly avoided here. The parts are all in a plastic bag. Blessed from transportation or previously with plenty of scrapes. The rust dust in the bag is not mentioned in the delivery package.
    Almost all parts can be put together with a bold swing. The rest of the parts had to go through my workshop first because the pipes cannot be inserted into each other. Round only goes round. Here had to be reworked properly.
    If you don’t care, you can buy it. Sooner or later it will rust in the garden, hidden behind the rose
  • As the title suggests: price-performance definitely fits.
    The plug connection of the rods is fixed with small screws; Functional, but if you are in love with details, you will be a little bothered by the shiny metallic (or rusty) screws.
    The assembly in the floor went (with us) by simply inserting it. Own anchors for fixing in the floor are not included, but would not hurt. In the event of wind and corresponding thick vegetation, the arch bends visibly and thereby loosens a little.
    In summary: Inexpensive and functional, in the details you can see the price difference to other suppliers.
  • As always, the rose arch was delivered very quickly and the packaging made a stable impression. Nothing was

    missing and the lines matched well ….
    It was very easy for me to assemble this arch
    If you look closely you can already see some spots Scratches and in a small place the color is a bit off.
    But since it is for the outside area and since no one will look so closely, it does not bother me.
    In addition, plants grow over it later
    .For the moment he makes a great impression and I am very satisfied.
    If he is not beautiful after 5 years I will buy a new one. The price is not that high!
    So there is a buy recommendation from me
  • I only needed half a rose arch, but they were quite expensive, so I ordered it, it is good value for money.
    The half arch is now anchored on one side with the uprights in the ground and “leans” with the upper arch on a column. Despite this one-sided anchoring, it is quite stable. A lantern with a solar candle now hangs under the arch, this looks beautiful.
    The other, somewhat shorter half of the rose arch, stands between the garden fence and a bench and leans over the bench with the circle. A lantern is also attached here and a forest vine grows along. That also looks really nice and romantic!
    The sheet was packaged very well and protected. When assembling, however, you must not exert too much pressure, otherwise the connecting rods will bend. But if a plant sinks over it, it holds great.
  • Very fast delivery, the assembly is theoretically self-explanatory, but I couldn’t set it up on my own because I lacked the strength to push it in at some points, especially at the top of the curve. Luckily my son was able to help me and the bow was in place a quarter of an hour later. Price-performance ratio absolutely fine and my clematis are happy to have their climbing place again

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