Steep driveway? We have the solution!

The problem is quickly explained: garden gates for your own home often fail on slopes and uneven terrain profiles. Why? Because such a gate was not made for steep house entrances. At GUARDI you will quickly find what you are looking for in such a frequent problem in order to get a solution in this regard too, with increasing bands.

Which entrance gate is suitable?

The rising hinges from enable you to open your future door safely and accident-free. This also applies to the walk door or the manually operated swing gate .
Other requirements for using the innovative solution in your home:

If your door does not meet the requirements, the rising hinges are available in a more solid design. The GUARDI team will be happy to answer any questions .
Can’t quite imagine what this looks like in real form? We have created a video for you in which you can see how the rising bands work:

Inclination of 1 ° – 7 ° possible

The GUARDI solution for your house entrance can be implemented for an inclination of 1 ° – 7 °. Most house entrances fall within this scope, so that a comprehensive solution is guaranteed. The maximum passage light of your gate is up to 7 meters, whereby the opening angle can be up to 110 °.

Perfect solution for your steep house entrance

So even if your house entrance is steep – GUARDI offers a simple solution with the rising hinges built into the gate:

  • good look
  • longevity
  • professionalism

Do you have questions about our rising tapes that have not yet been answered in this post? Share your experience with us –

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