This is how outdoor becomes Comfortable: The wind protection from Wood and Glass Fence

The windbreak can already do much more than “just” ward off cool winds. It is also an attractive decorative element that can be used to set accents on the terrace and in the garden. Whether fine hardwood, WPC or glass: In any case, high-quality wind protection does not have to be expensive. Above all, the longevity of good quality products ensures an excellent price-performance ratio.

Wind and privacy protection made of glass is available from transparent to opaque

Glass is not only an excellent windscreen in the garden, but also protection from noise and unwanted glances. Even opaque elements let enough light through to convey privacy and at the same time a pleasant feeling of space and freedom. Safety glass walls offer increased impact and shock resistance. When they are destroyed, they disintegrate almost without fragments and prevent cuts, as in automobile construction. They are also very easy to care for and easy to wash off. Painting is not necessary: ​​the weatherproof glass walls do not require any maintenance in the long term.

In addition to the usual standard sizes, the useful walls at Roeren are made to measure to suit any design idea. The right range of accessories is also on offer: clamping jaws, clamping profiles, posts, door systems or cover brackets.

The surfaces can be satined on one or both sides as required – also in partial areas and in the form of patterns or stripes. Anyone who wants a large-area coating will also find what they are looking for: digital printing, for example, allows companies to have their own individual motifs, logos and lettering that are applied in multiple or single colors. Even fully colored transparent glass, for example in the popular bronze color, is possible.

Elegant and robust: the wooden porch

Wood also offers a variety of design options when it comes to protecting against cool winds. Hardwoods score with their dimensional stability and longevity. Softwood also offers many attractive design variants. There is also a wide selection of shapes and colors here. Advice is always included: be it glass, wood, plastic or braid – Holz Roeren is a competent and experienced contact person when it comes to wind protection.

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