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Fortunately, we can fall back on a trend that is common today and widespread, which helps us to master this balancing act. Yoga has long ceased to be just a Far Eastern philosophy of life, which is taught by gurus in small, fragrance-laden rooms. Yoga has made its way to the gyms, living rooms, parks and gardens today. Are you also considering moving your small private yoga studio outside? Then let us inspire you a little on the following lines. We not only give you tips on how to find peace and relaxation in your own garden, but also point out one or two culinary icing on the cake.

How do I make my garden yoga ready?

As you can imagine, size matters. The ideal drawing board naturally forms a large, flat, free area that still leaves all options open. Since this probably affects only a few of you, we are talking about the possibilities that can also be implemented in smaller gardens.

Design basics

GUARDI Austria Bamboo green privacy screen garden

To really relax you need a particularly quiet corner. If you are not lucky and this property does not apply to your entire garden, you can think about redesigning part of your garden. You can prepare this part according to all rules of art to a meditation oasis. Far from busy streets or noisy neighbors, you could house the following design elements: For pleasant hours in midsummer, you should make sure there is sufficient shade. You can reach this naturally, for example, through trees and tall shrubs. You have no trees or bushes? Also a pergolacan provide appropriate cooling. With bamboo or reeds you create an equally natural screen. Because the soul dangles best when not observed. With large, natural stones, you can create a path to your little oasis. Do you have the necessary space? Why not expand this path of mediation? Then it goes step by step to the inner center.

Space for sports

If you want to use your garden not only for relaxation, but actually do physical exercises in the sense of Hatha Yoga, we recommend at least one level surface the size of two yoga mats. After all, you don’t want to accidentally fall over when doing acrobatic exercises. A flat, smooth piece of lawn or a place on your terrace should be enough.

It flows and it ripples

GUARDI Austria Bamboo fountain fountain bamboo water ripple flow

The central elements in every garden are of course the plants. A limited variety with harmonious colors and clear, naturally curved borders are particularly calm. Avoid over-dense and rich planting, as these quickly overload the garden. If you have ever had a look at a garden that looks like the Far East, you will also have noticed that water plays an equally important role there as the green. A rippling pond or fountain brings a natural rhythm to your little paradise and also has a positive impact on the microclimate.

Ayurveda tastes and smells holistically

The budding professional yogis among you will also deal with the Ayurvedic art of healing. Generally speaking and really only scratching the surface, Ayurveda teaches three types of characters that interact with each other to different degrees. The so-called Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha describe different types of being that need to be encouraged or limited through nutrition, meditation and physical exercises. We understandably are particularly happy about the point of nutrition. In Ayurvedic medicine, this is particularly enriched by the addition of herbs and other herbal products.

Ayurveda for at home

GUARDI Austria herbs Ayurveda healthy aroma fragrance at home herb garden

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to move to Sri Lanka to enjoy the scent and aromas of healing herbs in our little oasis. Lavender, thyme and basil not only smell wonderful and look good in our dishes, both fresh and dried. They also grow in our latitudes and can be easily planted in a raised bed or on the balcony . But chilli, garlic, chamomile or nettle also count among the herbs that contribute to Ayurvedic medicine in their own way. Planted near your resting place, you can not only enjoy your herbs while eating, but also smell them when you relax.

The internet is full of good advice on yoga and Ayurveda. We hope that our little introduction has made you curious and interested in more. And wish you relaxing summer days. Until the next article.

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